Bedrock fall 2020 release Tues. July, 21

Question: Are the prices in the tasting room (assuming it is open) the same as the release prices?

Should be. At least historically it was by appointment only and mostly for current list members. I was last there in late 2018 and back filled some things I somehow missed at release price.

Was really hoping Calico would be a mid point between the CA and the SVs. I’m still all in either way.

Offer is live! Bedrock Heritage 375’s!

I don’t know whether to say “Oh yes” or “Oh no”. It will make the order even larger.

Order in 2 cases. Wishlisted a couple of 375s.

Wishlist only…so it’s like a separate order when they get granted :slight_smile: helps a little mental maybe?


In for a case and a half of zin.

Calico Syrah is $39. I number of the prices are lower that what Galloni listed.

[titanic.gif] - my cc

What are the prices? I’m on the secondary list and trying to plan for next week

Prices are consistent with prior releases for everything recurring, which they have for as long as I’ve been on the list. Truly remarkable really, and highly highly appreciated!

order in 6 OVZ
4 Evangelho
2 Compagni-unfortunately all i was allocated

YASSSS!! Pumped about the 375’s!

The Bedrock Team is awesome! I truly appreciate the guaranteed allocation period! flirtysmile

Oh man that was ugly. Too much is never enough.

+1 to all of that. While any winemaker has the right to sell first come first serve, I certainly prefer the guaranteed allocation method.

Kept it to a case; ovz, Bedrock, evangelho, and calico Syrah

Got my wish on this one ^ Just submitted my 29 bottle total order [oops.gif]