Beaujolais 2012

I could swear new vintages of Beaujolais come out more than once a year. It sure seems that way.

You have all your Beaujolais released on one day if you stick to Nouveau.

I generally support the approach of buying every vintage and enjoying the differences, but 2011, is, IMHO, simply superb - fruit concentration, intensity, acids, grip, balance … I still have a small stack of 2011 Foillard, Lapierre, Thevenet, Thivin and Diochon in my warehouse and it is one of those situations where I won’t be disappointed if they only move from there to my home cellar. I haven’t tasted a lot of 2012s yet, but the few that I have are a fair bit off the mark of the 2011s. That said, there certainly will be a place for them in the cellar.

All well and good if you like drinking crap.

2011 Beaujolais or 2010 Burgundy: a budget dilemma. Probably Burgs, since I won’t be able to afford them much longer.

Just popped my first 2012: Clos de la Roilette Cuvee Tardive.

Nice showing for such a young wine, but having tried '09-'11 at release, I must say, this is my least favorite of the last four vintages. Meaty, briny, sappy but very primary fruit (a little green). Good acid and lift. Not sure this is a vintage for Roilette that I will track down beyond just a few.

Desjourneys '12? You sure about that? '11s haven’t even been offered commercially yet…?

Could been my goof. I’ll check my Crush NYC invoices when I’m back at the office. Won’t cry if it is 2011 as that is my kinda vintage! Looking forward to reading your notes from your visit there. Please post pics too!

The Tardive is tighter than the regular, as expected. I didn’t pick up the green but the fruit is still fairly earthy and muscular. The bottling usually does better after a few years…and should follow that script again.

I was somewhat underwhelmed by the 2012 Thivin Cote Brouilly which is very primary, almost grapey and missing some of the agile detail. The texture contrast was highlighted after a very minerally 2011 Vissoux Brouilly Pierreux and charmingly red fruited 2011 Guy Breton Regnie.


I have to say, for some reason the lapierre 12 didn’t send me the way the 11 and the 10 do. Could have been an off tasting night, though.


Too bad, though must say, I bought so much of the 2011 - 2 cases - that I guess I’m fine. Thivin blew it out of the water in '11. Probably my favorite QPR of the year, and my Bojo of the vintage so far.

Robert, agreed about the '11 Thivin CdB, delicious. 2012 Lapierre Morgon is on deck this coming week.


Sack up and buy some pallets! neener

Just wait my friend, we have over 200cs combined coming in!!!

We are not like you guys, our warehouse isn’t the size of a shopping mall!

Don’t exaggerate, it’s far bigger than a shopping mall. [wow.gif]

Let me know when it lands!

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The 2012 Lapierre Morgon must be having another off night or maybe it’s that special PLCB treatment. It seems light on flavor with some weird acidity.
I’ll be interested to hear what Richard thinks.

2012 Lapierre Morgon S
Attractive red strawberry aromas coupled with ripe briar fruit and some spice, there’s something reminiscent of habaneros without the heat. Digging the nose, but it doesn’t fully follow through to the palate. The attack doesn’t seem as fresh as the past 2 vintages. Decent acidity. Red fruited with loamy notes followed by a mild hint of bitterness and a somewhat minerally/earthy mild finish. This strikes me as a good outcome for an incredibly challenging vintage. I’ve heard that 65% of Lapierre’s harvest was lost due to problems with frost, hail and mildew.