Beaucastel CdP Hommage a Jacque Perrin

If anyone is searching for this wine and happen to be in Frankfurt, then book a table at Lafleur. They have a number of vintages available - check out their website. I dined there last Saturday and had an 07. Great wine. Benefit is that the restaurant has two Michelin stars.


I don’t see a trip to Frankfurt anytime soon, but there are probably some here who will appreciate your tip. I’ve never tried the Hommage but am cellaring a bottle of the '99, waiting for, whatever…

Prices from 350 to 425 € which seemes to be ok.
However I´d chosen the 1998 instead of 2007 …

(no, I´m not going …)

Thanks for the vintage note. I’m not an expert on CDP, but I understand the Hommage is hard to find.