BD wines, and dinner

At the Peter Shields Inn, Cape May with friends on Berserker Day. Trying to recruit them the Wine Berserkers, btw.

Champagne- Canard-Duchene Charles VII NV- this was a new one to me, amd quite nice. Blanc de blanc…I usually prefer one of the pinots in my champagne, but this did ok.

Ridge Estate Chardonnay 2013 - pretty tropical fruits, strong acidity, long finish…but not particularly well balanced for my taste

2001 Montelena Estate - this bottle was mostly all secondary aromas and tastes, but kind of dead. To the point that I was wondering what happened to it. I expected much more. Not obviously corked, but I wonder if a touch of TCA could have muted it. This is from that period for that estate when TCA was an issue.

2001 Lewelling Wight. Holy cow this was fantastic. Still youthful, should have many, many years ahead. I may be barely into adolescence. Big core of black fruits nicely balanced, and fine tannins still present. Consensus wotn.

2013 Roy Piper, decanted for 3 hours. 2nd place to the Lewelling, needs time. Closed up for business. Still, the red fruits in a harmonius package were evident. Hold!

Dow’s 1992 Quinta do Bomfim vintage porto. It got a consensus “its ok” . We all wanted more Wight.

No BD wines, sorry to report.

I bet that Lewelling 2001 is in a perfect spot and is right in it’s primo drinking window.

Bio-dynamic? Nope. Birthday? I don’t think so. Berserker Day?

I figured birthday.

Sorry about the Montelena. Sound bottles are lovely

I thought I was going to get a Berserker Day wine report. Wha wha whaaa.

That 2001 Montelena was the one that Laube found slightly corked and caused the winery to dig new caves, etc. Most report it to be wonderful, but my guess is that if you are really sensitive to TCA, the wine may be ‘deadened’ to you . . .


Roy, yes, the Wight was in a good spot. Larry, I don’ t think I am all that sensitive to TCA, based on the very few corked wines I have identified over a long time, but, I agree with your assessment of why the wine showed like it dd. And, my apologies for the lack of clarity, BD was meant to be Berserker Day not birthday or bio day, beach da, Barack day, etc, but alas, I did not drink Beserker Day wines per se. Will have to rectify that in 2018. But I did wear my pin; that’s gotta count for something, right? [berserker.gif]