BBQ on I77 towards Hilton Head?

Is there any good NC BBQ anywhere off of I77, maybe around Charlotte? Heading to Hilton Head and the family loves Q so I thought it might be a nice diversion. TIA.

Can’t speak to Charlotte, but Sweatman’s BBQ in Holly Hill, SC is on the way and is fabulous - but it is South Carolina style - mustard-based, though it has a molasses quality to it also. It’s one of the bbq landmarks out there.

Can’t speak to Charlotte or NC Q either, and ut’s been a LONG time (15+ years) since I’ve been, but Duke’s in Beaufort SC was my favorite. I grew up on Hilton Head, and went to Beaufort often for soccer games, etc. Hush puppies…yummmm.

Only open Fri and Sat, evidently. I’ll be back to SC in Oct - hope I can get a visit in.

Glad you mentioned that, because Sweatman’s is also a Friday/Saturday only place.

Thanks for the info. I’ll post some TNs if we hit either place.