Barolo price - G. Rinaldi and B. Mascarello

G.Rinaldi Barolo Brunate price soars higher. According to “Wine-searcher” price for 2015 for example is now $312. Looks like this price path continues to break records (even higher than G.Conterno 2015 Francia/Cerretta-$289/$284). B.Mascarello Barolo 2015 also continues to break records: $283.
High price for the G.Rinaldi And B.Mascarello is non-news, but the price direction (higher and higher) is interesting. Since supply is small and limited I guess we will see even higher prices. What are your thoughts ?

I buy Barbaresco. Good enough for my mid-fi Nebbiolo palate.

Re Rinaldi, that the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 are readily available at that price point or lower suggests the trend has been maxed. I believe distributors/importer still have plenty of stock of certain vintages. People on WB previously said sales not would not happen, and I picked up 2014 Brunate on sale (as did others on WB) and have been offered reductions for 2015 which I have not bit on. I expect more sales in the future.

That aside, I wish the winery would stop working with the US importer who has much to do with this price inflation. But it seems they talk out of both sides of their mouth… keep cell price low/“its just wine”, but are seemingly very OK with selling to those who gouge the *** out of the secondary market. I respect retailers who have stopped working with the importer.

While I’m sad to see the price increases, G. Rinaldi might actually be worth the splurge. I was lucky enough to buy a good bit of it back when prices were very reasonable in vintages going back to the fifties. I’ve had some fantastic bottles…including perhaps the very best bottle of nebbiolo I’ve ever tried…and a very high success rate. They also seem to drink well at a relatively young age (15 years from vintage.) B. Mascarello, which I actually bought more of back in the good old days a few years ago, has been much more hit or miss for me. I find that some vintages are fiercely tannic and completely shutdown well into their twenties and then there is a relatively short drinking window before the fruit completely dries out. I’ve had both fantastic bottles and extremely disappointing bottles from the sixties. I always hold my breath when opening a Mascarello because it’s often a crap shoot…whereas there’s always pleasant anticipation when opening a Rinaldi of any age.

Who Is the importer? because I’ve seen several names.

Don’t know. Just been told by two retailers on East Coast that I buy from, that they know longer work with them. Perhaps there are multiple importers…

You can see on wine-searcher that prices are high not only in the US but everywhere: Hong Kong, UK, Switzerland, Germany and even in Italy.

Well, there’s always F. Rinaldi.


They had an amazing portfolio at one time that was a virtual who’s who of top Italian producers. Little by little they have almost all left. Along with G Rinaldi, Fontodi is another top Estate they manage to hang on to somehow