Bargain Dance and TN: 2001 Tignanello

Just wanted to do a little bargain dance. [dance2.gif] Being the caring and helping husband that I am (modest too) [blush2.gif] , I did the groceries today for my wife at our local Miejers (huge Super/grocery store). Stopped by the wine department to see if there was anything interesting. Mostly just industrial plonk, but they had a couple of temp controlled wine cabinets. The cabinets contained a lot of overpriced off vintage stuff, like ’02 Brunello’s, some ’03 Super Tuscan’s and a lot of the basic mid tier Cab’s, but then something caught my eye. Six bottles of ’01 Tignanello, which had a price of $65.99 [shock.gif] . The wine guy comes over and asks if he can help me out and I ask him about the Tig. He said it’s been in the cabinet since they got it about three years ago and offers me another 10% off [dontknow.gif] if I take all six…SOLD! [dance2.gif]

d-d-d-d-damn! nice work! [good.gif]

Dude! Nice score! Tig is one of my sentimental favorites for many reasons. Knowing it has been stored in their cooler until today is good news. Enjoy them, and definitely post a note when you crack one.

nice score

On a bachelor party cruise last year, we were drinkng 2004 for lke $80 for 4 days.

No time like the present:

This was a pop and pour. Extremely dark. Intense black fruit laced with black olives, earth and Mediterranean spices provides a gorgeous nose. Lush fruit coats the palate with silky tannins. Surprisingly approachable but still has decent body. Extremely New World in style and made to drink young but will be better in another couple of years but should still be consumed over the next five…

Sounds great, Jeff. I wonder what a 1-2 hour decant would do to it. Nice that you’ve got five left to explore over the next few years.

Chris, it really didn’t need a decant…it was opened for over three hours…just finished my last glass…it was best after about an hour though. Still [dance.gif] over the find.

For sure a smokin deal. Good to know regarding my decant comment.

Jeff, have you had the 04, and if yes, how do they compare?


It would have been free if you invited Dr. Jay to join you!!! [rofl.gif]

Sorry, Otto 82, 83, 85, 86, 88-90, 95, 97, 99 and now '01…I haven’t even seen the '04 in GR.

I thought that he only took the free bees? [diablo.gif]

It is really odd the things that turn up on special at Meijer sometimes. Most of the time their pricing on wine is nothing special (like Mumm Carte Classique at a $30 closeout price), but then you see something like this or a decent NV Champagne for $14.99 and you can load up. I know they tried to go higher end a few years ago and then changed direction back towards the lower end, but left some better stuff in the mix. Overall I guess I have to give them credit for being leaps and bounds beyond where they were 5-6 years ago with wine.