Barbaresco 2016-2018 vintage report

Didn’t see it being posted here but Ian D’Agata have started a new project and interesting articles have started to pop up, one of them is this extensive two part barbaresco article(s) about vintages, tasting notes, etc:


Thanks for sharing this. Very thorough and comprehensive report

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Second that. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea about it.

Thank you for posting!

Specifically, on the subject of Italian wine, for my money, Ian d’Agata is at this time the only writer in English worth reading and following, and very much so. He possesses truly enormous amounts of very detailed, in-depth knowledge of the country, it’s history, culture and traditions, really knows Italy in-and-out, and first-hand. His knowledge of Italian wine is also so broad, deep and encyclopedic that it is, in my opinion, rivalled by no more than a handful of people even in the country itself (no small compliment in this case). He is also a very accomplished writer, passionate, personal, and often exceptionally humorous and witty both in terms of judgement and in terms of his actual writing style: a great companion, which is, I suppose, what all writers should be, or at least aspire to, in one way or the other.
Just one funny thing that caught my eye as I was reading one of the write-ups the other day (can’t remember which off the top of my head)… I think he’s talking about either Valentini or Pietramarina, doesn’t really matter. Anyway, he says something along the lines of “one of those few Italian whites that can easily age for ten years and more”… Just proof that even the best of the best can sometimes, in the heat of the moment perhaps, fall prey to stereotypes that they know all too well to simply not be true… I honestly don’t think he really believes what he wrote there :slight_smile:

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