Banfi Grappa with Pink Lady Apple

Later in the evening, after it had gotten dark, we started watching the Tour, the final climbing stage. It started raining heavily 10-15 minutes into the tour. I’m very glad it didn’t start while we were eating dinner. While watching the Tour we had Banfi Grappa di Montalcino, actually emptied our bottle, with a fruity, crisp Pink Lady apple. The fruit and acidity in the apple matched very well with the pleasant, slightly hot grappa. A nice finish to the meal, even with the rain.

I fully support you in this endeavor, Dick. Well done

I haven’t heard of a Pink Lady apple and at first, thought you were talking about the drink, not an actual apple. I was trying to figure out that drink concoction. Since I’m not a fan of grappa, maybe I need to pair it with something like this to enjoy the grappa. [cheers.gif]