I’ve read through the recommendations back in mid-2013, and would be grateful for any more current recommendations for a nice meal. While we will be staying on the Inner Harbor, we don’t mind a taxi ride in the least. Thanks! [cheers.gif]

We have frequented Thames Street Oysters when in the area. Also had some nice dinners at Woodberry Kitchen.

Charleston is supposed to be very good. Attman’s deli is not to be missed. Lexington Market is fun for a Faidley’s crab cake

it’s been a while since i’ve been up to baltimore – but among the newer places that I hear friends/restaurant critics/bloggers chatting about are: Woodberry Kitchen and Bryan Voltaggio (of Top Chef fame) just opened Aggio (i’ve been to a few of his other restaurants and they’ve been great).

If you were asking this about a decade ago, I would have recommended the following (they could still be just as good today – unfortunately, I haven’t been up there since):

If you like fresh seafood and Greek food, The Black Olive is worth checking out … for authentic Spanish food (think Spain, not Mexico) Tio Pepe was phenomenal (I recall a lobster and chicken dish that everyone used to fall over themselves for). And if you head over to Little Italy, try Sabatino’s or Chiparelli’s for traditional meals and Vacaro’s for dessert.


Tio Pepe used to have some incredible bargains on their wine list. I don’t know what the situation is now

Bottega is the darling a la minute. Byob, too.

Anything in particular you are looking for?

Always enjoy Thames Strert Oyster House

Everyone, this is very helpful. Thank you!!

Doug, just a really nice meal with some nice wine. I will have my daughter with me, her boyfriend, and we will have a “local” from Baltimore whom we are treating to a nice dinner. She lives up in Towson, but works in town. Any sort of good food works!! is another option. Probably the best meal that I’ve had in B’more.

Lots of love for Woodberry Kitchen. I will call them about a reservation! Thanks again, everyone!!

Bump. Headed to Baltimore soon and will eat at Woodberry. Anywhere else? Best spot to crack crabs for lunch? Best MD pit beef?

For crabs in the city: Faidley in Lexington Market is good (though not great) for crabcakes and the market is a very interesting, very much urban experience

Very good Italian

Attman’s for authentic Jewish deli as mentioned above

I am not a fan of Spike Gjerde or his restaurants such as Woodberry. They have always been very twee and pretentious.

Peter’s Inn is a quintessential Bmore place.

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I like Charleston and Cinghiale in Harbor East. Both Tony Foreman places. Charleston is a more formal setting and more expensive. Also like Magdalene in the Ivy Hotel. My favorite crab cakes are from G&M out near the airport.

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If you can go outside the city, my favorite place for crab and crab cakes is Schultz’s in Essex.

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Any recommendations for Towson? At a conference and it will be hard to get very far due to all the side meetings.

You have a few good options.

  1. Ocean Pride. It doesn’t look like much but what do you want in Towson? The seafood is insanely good. Crabs, if they have them this time of year, are the thing to get. But if not, the crab cakes are awesome. Crab Fluff is a trip if you haven’t had it. Crab Imperial. Crab Crab Crab, if you catch my drift.

  2. The Real Thing. This place makes Ocean Pride look like Tour D’Argent. It’s a dump. But the cheesesteak is the real thing. My wife is from the Philly area and the only thing that we really fight about is the fact the TRT blows away any steak in Philly.

  3. Pho Dat Thanh. Pretty solid Vietnamese. Somewhat basic menu and travel poster ambiance but worth a shot.

  4. Rise Biscuits. This is seriously unhealthy stuff. Fried chicken and pimento cheese on a biscuit. For breakfast. Addictive.