Baller '80s rose champagne mags to go.

Got 3 mags of Rose Champagne. Offering a 5-10% discount to offered side in the WineMarketJournal. Been in my cellar since the mid '90s.

1 each

1982 Dom Rose Mag
1985 Dom Rose Mag
1988 Cristal Rose Mag

$6k drives the 3 mags away. I’ll even pay shipping in the USA, overnight. You take shipping risk.

And each day or so I’m going to lower the price until someone says “done”.

see the bottom of this thread for the lowest price. $6,000 no longer the price!!!

Gonna drop the price by $100 every day or a few days to see when this trades…

New price, $5,900 with overnight shipping within the continental USA

Aren’t you doing this backwards? [wink.gif]

Yeah, I know. Call me crazy. I know in the stock market, lower prices make people scared and they sell and higher prices make people brave and they buy.

I’m just guessing in most other markets, lower prices incent people to buy.

Stock market = behavioral economics
Wine market = somewhat normal markets?

are they free yet?

Free, no

$5,800 + free overnight shipping, yes!

$5,700 + overnight shipping.

the discounts are amazing!

Wonder when someone will PM about this

Maybe today is the day!!

$5,600 + Overnight Shipping!!!

Peter I’ll throw in a floor bid at $5k. If it gets that low or you want to hit it whenever, drop me a line.