Baked Trimbach

So I put my wine fridge into storage in my garage last winter. I retrieved it yesterday to find 2 bottles of wine in it- one was a 1997 Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile. The cork is not pushing so I’m opening the thing up and trying it tonight.

Hope it works out for you. I think the 97 CFE rocks but, is young big time … yours however may not appear quite so young! Keep us up to date with how it turns out.

Thanks Scott,
It is pretty fine-Viscus mouthfeel some nice spice, not a lot of fruit the acid is balanced might have to open up but there is a bit of a bitter component in the middle.

Why does your wine fridge go into storage?

Well, I live in a split level ranch. When my son turned 13 we decided he needed a bit of privacy. We moved our office (had been in a large room in the lower part of the house)(where the wine is kept) to his old bedroom and his room to the office.

You crazy dual board thread poster, glad the bottle stood up. It sounds like it survived its ordeal OK.

Thanks, Ed.

I was confused. Still might be! [swoon.gif]

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Trimbach FE as well as Ste Hune has a famous capacity to stay at a top level for many years. Usually, a sleeping period of ten years is a good decision.

Then, you can keep it, depending of course of the vintage quality, up to 20 more years, easily. Certainly the most consistent riesling in France and, most probably, over the last 30 years, the one which has the lowest RS rate. And that, in a world pushed by sugar, is quite an acievment !

Bravo to the Trimbach Family.

NB : Maybe Beyer and his cuvée des Ecaillers has also perfromed a very low RS Rate.