Bailiwick Wines - let's welcome another newcomer!

Another newcomer to BerserkerDay, Bailiwick Wines has put together three sample packs for Berserkers to try out, with some HUGE savings! Perhaps, like Nicora wines, we can buy out their whole available inventory in 5 minutes again??

Bailiwick Wines

Welcome Wine Berserkers! This is our first Berserkers Day event and we’re probably a new label to most of you. We produce limited quantity award-winning Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Vermentino in Sonoma, and we want to introduce you to our red wines by offering great pricing on some sampler packs. Sampler pack prices do not include tax and shipping.

To purchase, please visit our dedicated Wine Berserkers web page for these special offers:

Thank you and very best regards! Bryan & Paul Vais / Bailiwick Wines

Sampler #1 - 2009 Bailiwick Pinot Noirs
$100 (save $58) - Only 30 available
1 x 2009 Marin County “Borderline”…93 PinotReport, 92 WE
1 x 2009 RRV…91 PinotReport, 90 WE
1 x 2009 Chalone, Michaud Vineyard…92 PinotReport, 91 WE
1 x 2009 Sonoma Mountain, Silver Pines Vineyard…93 PinotReport, 92 WE

Sampler #2 - Bailiwick Pinot Noir Mini-Vertical
$140 (save $90) - Only 30 available
1 x 2009 Marin County “Borderline”…93 PinotReport, 92 WE
1 x 2010 Marin County “Borderline”…GOLD 2013 SF Chron
1 x 2009 RRV Pinot Noir…91 PinotReport, 90 WE
1 x 2010 RRV Pinot Noir…GOLD 2013 SF Chron
1 x 2009 Chalone, Michaud Vineyard…92 PinotReport, 91WE
1 x 2010 Chalone, Michaud Vineyard…91 WE

Sampler #3 - 2010 Sonoma County Sampler
$160 (save $52)
2 x 2010 RRV Cabernet Franc…90 WE
1 x 2010 RRV Pinot Noir…GOLD 2013 SF Chron
1 x 2010 RRV, “Foray” Pinot Noir…DOUBLE GOLD 2013 SF Chron, 92 WE
1 x 2010 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir…Silver 2013 SF Chron
1 x 2010 Sonoma Mountain, Silver Pines Vnyd PN…2012 2nd team All-American PinotFile, 92 WE

Sampler 1 is intriguing… what’s shipping like to So Cal?

Trying to focus on pinots this year (without complete success). Excited to try these!

shipping easily calculated on “add to cart” page

Hi Berserkers - shipping anywhere in California via Golden State Overnight is $20.60 for Sampler #1 (4 bottles), and $25.06 for Samplers #2 and #3 (6 bottles). Cheers!

Great wines! I have multiples of all of these except the '09 Silver Pines and '10 Foray so I’ll be sitting this one out and putting an order in for just those two soon.

I wonder if Richard Jennings has tasted any of these…

Yes he has. Look here:

It’s a joke, on cellar tracker almost every note is from him,

Hey Steve! Thanks for the shout out! …Bryan

In for the mini-vertical. Love Kendric fruit and I’m really excited to see what you guys have done with it.

Hey CJ… Besides Richard, others who have reviewed our pinots include:

Rusty Gaffney

Greg Walters at PinotReport, Steve Heimoff at Wine Enthusiast, and Allen Meadows at Burghound.

Thanks to all BDIV participants yesterday! Paul and I got a kick out of watching the orders come in throughout the day. In case there are any stragglers out there that still want to pick up one of our samplers, we’re going to leave the web page live through Wednesday. Looking forward to talking with you about our wines!

Just got the wines. Bottles were very cold, but seem fine. Can’t wait to open one. Any suggestions for what’s drinking best right now?

Received mine in TX today as well. Interested in the same. From tasting notes, seems the Borderline from Marin?

That’s the one I’d open first.

Gents… Glad to hear your shipments arrived. Both the Marin County Borderlines and the RRVs are drinking better than the Michauds right now. The 2009 Borderline and RRV are really hitting their stride, with lots of perfume and interest. The 2010’s are maybe less showy on the aromatics at this stage, but the flavors, mouthfeel, tannins and finish are in very nice balance. The Michauds show their breeding, and with their structure, they will definitely benefit from more bottle time. When you decide to try those, the Michauds will reward decanting.

Hope this helps…cheers!