Bacon Poll

Hence the very famous expression “soft chewy bacon”, unlike, for example, “crispy bacon” [rolleyes.gif]

Crispy bacon reduces the feeling of fat and draws out the flavor and saltiness. Anyway unless you’re English I can’t think of a type of food that should ideally be cooked so that the outcome is “chewy”.

Taffy, brownies, some cookies . . .

yes, Bob’s picture is a perfect example of some cook’s inferior skills

I agree with the kind of soft/crunchy around the edges camp. Too crispy and it gets dry and loses all of the fatty goodness. People like fat for a reason- it creates a wonderful mouthfeel that the crunchy does not have.

It’s funny, it’s exactly why I hate fat. On the other hand fat is where the taste is, so I tolerate it because of that.

That is big of you. Do you also tolerate women because of pussy? [rofl.gif]

No, I love bacon way too much to mix it with women, even if only in discussion!

Exactly. Very crispy. I’m happiest if I hear an audible “snap!”

[suicide.gif] omg! … “snap” is for peas, carrots, and Rice Krispies … somebody … anybody … i think i’m getting dizzy … oh jeebus, [beg.gif] please save these lost souls.

mmmmmmm … wonderful fatty delicious bacon [d_sunny.gif] … we should have an emoticon where this one [give_heart.gif] 's heart explodes into a blissful bacon-induced supernova-esque cardiac arrest.

For all the haters, I have to ask… do you think the fat renders away entirely when bacon crisps? Just look at it! The fat crisps too, and it’s delicious. That’s the best part!

I’m with Brian. No all of the fat doesn’t render but it still doesn’t taste as good to me. Plus when the bacon crumbles you miss the meaty goodness. Chips crispy, sure. Meat…not so much.

I’m with Chris and Melissa, crispy. Crispy bacon is better for scooping up maple syrup, that delectible sweet/salty mixture. Bacon goes on everything; hamburgers, meatloaf, grilled chicken breast, filet mignon, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and of course “Frosted Flakes.” The refrigerator may not have milk, but there’s always bacon or bacon bits.

Yoni, you might try the transition Carrie made to bacon. First it was beef bacon. Unfortunately, crispy beef bacon is also known as beef jerky. Next add liquid smoke to your meatloaf and notice the difference in flavor. Then make a meat loaf topped with bacon. (Can be handled wearing rubber gloves to preserve kosher hands). After the meat loaf is done, you can remove the bacon. The meatloaf picks up the smokey flavors, a great improvement over the bland versions and more subtle than liquid smoke. Though Carrie still uses the rubber gloves, she has come to enjoy the flavors of bacon. Still can’t get her to try ham though. [beee.gif]

She’d like this ham…


Drool worthy photo of the day. Who in their right mind would go and over cook that I ask you? [diablo.gif]

NOPE but you’re a Ham and I like you !

Randy, I’m with Carrie on ham. Those thick ham slabs they serve for breakfast in greasy spoons turn my stomach. Prosciutto and the like are… different. Bill’s jamon pic made my mouth water.

I’m working on getting an entire leg of Jamon Iberico de Bellota for FFII right now.

so- anyone try deep fried bacon? I hear good things…

Hmm. Hadn’t heard of it. Would it look like strips of meat with pork rinds in between??

exactly. when I cook bacon, my aim is to render as much fat as possible, while still preserving the chewy goodness of the rest … this is why it usually takes me about 45 minutes to cook bacon on weekend mornings.

as far as soaking up maple syrup, i leave that to sausage!