Bacon Poll

How do you like your bacon cooked?

  • Crispy and crunchy
  • Soft
  • Somewhere in between
  • I don’t care, just stop teasing me!
  • Cooked? It doesn’t make the drive home from the grocery store!

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Wondering how everyone likes their bacon cooked since I know there is a difference of opinion on the subject. I prefer mine mostly soft to just the point where the edges start crisping up.

I like it on the crispy side with the fat just starting to crisp though before it gets super brittle. yum!

I eat it however Techno Viking tells me to.

Depends on what I intend to do with it. But generally speaking anywhere from soft-with-crisp-edges to brittle, but most of the time crisp-towards-brittle.

Very crispy. I wouldn’t kick chewy bacon off my plate, but I like it best when it practically crumbles between my fingers.

I eat it according to Flying Spaghetti Monster’s edicts:" onclick=";return false;

Words to live by:

Flying Spaghetti Monster gave us bacon, because Flying Spaghetti Monster wants us to be happy. He also gave us pirates. Yarr. But that’s a story for tomorrow. More importantly, he gave us bacon. And beer. And boobs. Because Flying Spaghetti Monster is a Good Deity ™ and wants us to be happy. All Hail his Noodly Appendage.


So you’re happy because of boobs in general or just YOUR boobs?

Where’s the option for 'I don’t know, I’ve never had bacon."?

Oh my. A bacon virgin. Incredible.

Here it is: [suicide.gif]

Life without bacon, isn’t worth living.


I voted “soft,” but would’ve preferred a “chewy” option.

IMO, crispy bacon is akin to well-done steak … an absolute travesty [foilhat.gif], and a disgraceful way to prepare (ruin) the world’s single greatest food.


Bob’s picture looks like just this IMO.

My daughter has tried this one on me a couple of times, but I just don’t see it. Well-done steak has diminished flavor and a leathery texture. Well-done bacon absolutely roars with bacony goodness and then melts on your tongue when you take a bite. Mmmmm! If anything, I’d say the chewy bacon has more in common with the well-done steak, because both give the jaw too much of a workout. On the other hand, I’d enjoy chewing the bacon, but probably not the steak.

There are worse things to contemplate than imperfect bacon…

Word to live by. [notworthy.gif]