Awesome marketing by Navarro Vineyards re: mega-punts

I just received this email from Navarro, whom I’ve long respected for their tremendous value/QPR wines:

Let’s get heavy: bottles with punts make sense with wines that are going to be cellared over time, as sediment falls into the grove, minimizing the remaining wines contact with gunk. Unfortunately, some wine marketing departments think of a heavy bottle as a sales tool, more heft connotes a heftier price tag but Navarro just made the price tag slighter.

While rummaging around our warehouse we re-discovered that, due to a miscalculation in ordering our usual bottle, we had ended up bottling the last 300 cases of 2009 Pinot Noir Méthode à l’Ancienne in a darker, heavier green bottle, the bottle that we normally use for our Deep End Blend Pinot. After three years of bottle age, the wine tastes delicious, so we decided to pour it in the tasting room this summer, comparing it to other vintages. No surprise. The 2009 outsold every other Pinot and we don’t think it was because of the color or weight of the bottle. Here are some customer comments:

We decided to have a one-week Twenty Percent Off Sale on the 2009 Pinot Noir Méthode à l’Ancienne in the dark bottle to celebrate our bottling snafu three years ago. Until October 15, you may purchase this satisfying Pinot for only $23.20* a bottle and if you buy twelve bottles of any wine or juice we will ship your package by UPS for only One-Cent ground freight. Be sure you add the “Heavy Bottle” to your cart to get the special price.

How refreshing is THAT???


Todd – I agree. I don’t recall precisely what their normal shipping policy is, but it’s always been very customer friendly.

Everything about Navarro is customer friendly.