AVBC Boont Amber in a can!!!???

At Sunday volleyball last night, someone brought a six pack of Boont Amber in aluminum cans!? Wow! This is good marketing for you. I for one applaud this trend.

I heard AVBC was bought out by New Belgium. Anyone else heard this?

They announced this on their FaceBook page a couple months back. Interesting but I think I prefer bottles. Not only for less metallic taste but beer doesn’t warm up as fast in glass. Metal is a conductor.

There is a new can technology that has NO metallic taste due to some sort of liner. Yes, they warm up faster but the CHILL faster too!

But your palate still touches the aluminum yeah?

If you DRINK it out of the can, yes.

Agreed, I was just thinking of the practical and carbon footprint aspect of it! Now I can take BA in my inner tube on booze cruises down the Klamath, without worrying about breaking bottles on the hot river rocks!


Point(s) taken.

I like this beer; I’ve had it from can and bottle; I prefer it out of the can.

Also have the Pale Ale and Summer Solstice in can as well [thumbs-up.gif]

now, if they could just put the Oatmeal Stout and Hop Ottin IPA in cans then we’d be talkin’!

I’m starting to look into cans as opposed to bottles as well - from a cost, size, and carbon footprint standpoint they may make more sense. I really like the idea of a 16oz to half liter container, and those size bottles are hard to find at a reasonable price.

Oscar Blues in particular and several other boutique breweries put everything in cans and don’t use bottles. They claim cans are better because they have a better seal and are impervious to light damage. When you think about it kegs are just big cans and keg beer is usually better than it’s bottled counterparts. Oscar Blues beers are very good and the convenience is great. No need to look around for an opener or bang against a table edge. I’ll keep an eye out for the AVBC cans.

I saw them on display (didn’t taste) at a beer tasting last weekend. They said they did it because there are places you can’t take glass so this is a alternative.

Gotta admit it’s much classier to have crushed Boont Amber cans in the bed of you pick up rather than Coors cans. lol