Author tells how to stay committed to husband "without killing someone first"

According to Iris Krasnow, author of “Surrendering to Marriage,” a NY Times bestseller, and the recently published “The Secret Lives of Wives”: “In order to keep the promise ‘til death do us part’ without killing someone first, a woman must have work and hobbies she loves, extramarital adventures and a wine cellar.”

Smart lady (and, no, she didn’t say extramarital affairs).

On the flip side of this, Maureen, I met on tour this past Saturday a happily divorced woman who got a passive built-in 700 bottle cellar and another mobile 700 bottle cellar out of the divorce settlement. So wine cellars are apparently great for non-committment as well! [wink.gif]

Maureen, if you don’t mind, tell us what prompts you to share these ideas.

And, in addition, what are “extramarital adventures” if not affairs?

Just curious…

well, I read an article about her and her book and saw that quote, laughed, and thought others would be amused.

By the way, the article makes clear that she thinks couples in marriages need to have their own interests, hobbies, friends, etc., and not be totally focused on their spouses - so I think she meant go to baseball games or wine tastings or the movies or even on a trip with your friends.

Like everywhere else: diversify (within your chosen ethical boundaries)!

I know a female divorce lawyer in New York who only represents women. She says that as soon as she starts a divorce propceeding, the first thing she subpoenas are all the off site wine storage locations to see where the husband is hiding the wine.