Australia approves laxative agent as wine additive



Sigh. Just as I was really starting to get into the Shirazs.

Now it is getting out of you…

This makes a lot of sense given how few people these days give a sh!t about Australian wine. [wow.gif]

Since alcohol is already a diuretic, why not?

And people make fun of the “natural wine” movement. [stirthepothal.gif]

Shame on me for letting Sanjay and the rest of you rip loose with the jokes I could’ve and should’ve driven a truck through.

TN- 2011 Penfolds St Henri

Dark red, nice nose, red fruit…Oh God…Gotta Go!!!

The FDA already allows the use of this in cheese products, frozen desserts, and other foods. If THIS is what you are worried about, you should check out what the TTB DOES allow (-:


We always knew that Shiraz was really good shit.

off set for the cheese???

May help sales for us old codgers