Auslese and Sauternes with Thai food

I’ve tried every red with Thai food, no luck. except maybe an alcoholic Zinfandel with the really spicy stuff. Until last night, the best wine I’ve had with Thai food is the Drouhin (Oregon) Chardonnay, not expensive, that begins with A…Auguste? rich but has acidity. Expecting an epiphany I brought two carefully chosen wines:

2001 JJPrum Auslese GKA, maybe LGKa, I can never tell and I bought it…can someone tell me which of the Rieslings I have are GK, LGK, or just regular? I thinkI should have written it on the lables, esp JJ Prum…anyway:
By itself, heaven, the sugar having aged out replaced by elegance cut length and subtlety
With the food, I wanted a Singha instead.

2003 La Tour Blanche
A highly rated wine that I’ve never cared for; everything it has, 2001 Suduiraut for example has, and better, and more; always a little simple, a little sweet, a little obvious. With the really spicy dishes, really good depending on the flavor, but I would have preferred it colder. I still wanted a Singha instead.

Sigh. I’m done. Thai food goes with Thai beer.

Try a sparkler. Champagne or Spumante go well.

Try a younger Auslese or a Gewurtz. If your going real spicy a TBA works nicely.

spatlese or kabinett too

I say Sauternes!
No top end Wine like Yquem, but a Rieussec wil do very well