AUCTIONS HAVE ENDED (except the one 9pm close one)

so should we honor the bids that came in later?? Or ONLY time-stamped to 8 pm?

First post updated

I think you either honor the 8PM or extend them all to 9PM with a firm 9PM time stamp. But I’m inclined to vote for 8PM as that was what was originally posted. [scratch.gif]

Time stamped 2000 hours is what plays IMO.

I’m ok with using the 11pm stamp… Based on that I missed 1 - got 1 and still waiting to lose another…

It’s been a great day!

Thanks for coordinating this again…

I think only one went over, so let’s stick with the time stamp of 8:00 Pacific.

I’ll hit up the successful bidders and sellers either late tonight, or tomorrow morning. It’s a busy weekend, with my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow, so if you want to reach out to each other and make the contacts, I’m game!

GREAT stuff…wow. No clue how anyone had any money left after the offers, but some have obviously dug deep!

A bunch of 1%ers. hahaha.

The 9 PM thread is locked?

Fixed - locked the wrong one


[snort.gif] neener

Damn it…