AUCTION: Southern Spain 3 Bedroom Apartment for up to a month

Donor: Nola & Juan Palomar
Value: Priceless!!!
MinBidIncr: $50
Auction Closes: 8pm PT

Apartment amenities include:

  • 1 Full Bathroom w towels
  • Kitchen w Utensils and basics
  • TV
  • Living Room with balcony overlooking village w A/C
  • Bedroom 1 w Double Bed
  • Bedroom 2 w Double Bed
  • Bedroom 3 w Double Bed
  • Internet is available for a nominal fee

The closest airports are Almeria (LEI) 1 hours’ drive, Granada (GRX) 2 hours’ drive or Malaga (AGP) 3 hours’ drive. We will be
happy to assist you in planning your Spanish Adventure.
Possible Trip Destinations:

  • Almeria 1 hour Morocco 1 hr to Almeria then Ferry to Algeria 6 hours (Ferry)
  • Granada 2 hours / Madrid 5 ½ hours
  • Sevilla 3.5 hours / Barcelona 9 hours
  • Malaga 3 hours / Toledo 4 hours
  • Gibraltar 4 hours / Cordoba 4 hours

Here’s a PDF of all the information to share with your friends and family!
Auction for Wine Berserkers Apartment 2018.pdf (9.85 MB)
mama 10%2c98.jpg
During mercado.JPG
Piso 1.jpg


I’m working on some photos of the inside. Nola is a little busy!


If I was still single I would be all over this

[worship.gif] [worship.gif] If I had a life that would allow that, what a great thing this opportunity would be!

Been there–it’s a beautiful place in a beautiful area. And the wine is great, too!

Okay, I posted some pictures from Nola’s personal photo album of the inside. Nice location!. Don’t let Mama and Todd down, we didn’t put a reserve on this because berserkers are… we’ll berserkers!


put in a bid, what could possible go wrong?

Nola, what is the window of usage?

I’m sorry I don’t have more photos. The kitchen is small but not tiny. The photo with Juan and his mom is in the kitchen, but you cannot see the room obviously. The living room has a carpet on the floor and pictures back on the wall. The looks a little bare as I believe it had just been painted.

It is open! We are planning on being in Spain in July and harvest starts in August…

Our pool is available at our home.
Juan's Place-Ugijar 022.jpg



Nola, this is super tempting!! If I could bring my dog, I’d park there for 2-3 weeks, wander the markets, take day trips, eat delicious Spanish food and come help at the winery. Would be AMAZING. Good cafe life for a single gal there who speaks 30 odd words of Mexican Spanish??

So am I reading this right. Right now someone can get this place for a month for $400? [wow.gif]



Apparently…and yet…no takers? A MONTH IN GRENADA???


Nola, would usage in 2019 work for and Juan?

As long as we coordinate the dates ahead. We would not have to be at the winery for anyone to use the apartment. Our enologist speaks good English and can attend the guests too.