Auction Mosel and Nahe&Rheinhessen - you can take part online!

This year due to COVID-19 you can take part on the auctions of Mosel on Friday (13 Uhr MEZ) and auction Nahe&Rheinhessen on Sunday (14 Uhr MEZ)

Livestream on youtube:

Until Thursday you can give your command to the commissioners, here:

Auction Offer from Mosel:ädikatTaxprobe2020FINAL.pdf

Auction Offer from Nahe/Rheinhessen:

In addition movies about the estates from Nahe&Rheinhessen:


How would someone in, let’s say, the United States get a few bottles he or she wins from Germany to the US?

Vom Boden will handle everything for you. Yesterday was the deadline to get bids in with them but you could probably still get something in under-the-wire.

Yep, doing my bidding through Vom Boden.

I may take a stab at this. How are people figuring out what to bid?

I emailed John at Vom Boden and he told me that there is still hopefully time, waiting to hear from Stephen Bitterolf there to set up.

Well I just messaged vom Boden. I had previously gotten emails from Flatiron to bid via Skurnik, but I didn’t hear anything this year and totally forgot about it. I’m on vom Boden’s consumer email list, but didn’t get anything.

I’m bidding through Johannes at Selbach-Oster. Will have them stored in my EU storage for now and shipped over post tariff.

Very cool. Thanks for letting us know! Will place some bids (but likely get nothing!)

Post tariff…heh…funny.

Thanks Martin, exciting stuff. I am hoping my first try at bidding this year results in something good.

Will be there this Friday (like in previous years), will buy the usual suspects for my verticals and there is always a surprise or two which I will add… Really looking forward to trying the 19’s. The regular bottlings I have tasted so far from 2019 from Germany have been pretty great !

Come to think of it, this might be the only (big) wine event this year which has not been canceled due to Corona/ Covid-19.

Well, whilst not cancelled it has been severely restricted as you must know David. It’s my first year not attending since 2010. I’ll miss it dearly but it’s not the same thing as normal.

I know, but still… it is not canceled ! And the information provided by the VDP so far via email before the start of the event is very clear and pleasant.

We all have our various strategies, but the best starting point is to look at the results from last year. If you go to the Mosel VDP website, you can find last year’s prices. Good idea to download the PDF and save them over time since they are not easy to find as historical artifacts.

One thing I will tell you is that the actual selling prices of the better wines is FAR more than the minimum bid price listed- as in many times more. Also, the trend over the last 7-8 years is for strong increases in great vintages. And 2019 is not only being heralded as a great vintage, but supply is small, the number of auction offerings is actually lower than usual, people are bored and spending a lot at auction right now, and as interest increases- the market is making it easier than before to make arrangements to bid and bring wines in, so there are more bidders.

In other words- I expect a record-breaking year.