Auction House Mishap - Where did my wine go????

I recently participated in an online auction through a well known auction house. Had some fun in picking up some mixed cases of older Cali reds at sharp pricing. A few weeks later the wine was shipped out and arrived at my storage facility. Imagine my suprise when I collected the wine, and opened up one of the cases to find something other than what I ordered. Instead of older vintage california cab, I was blessed with Australian Shiraz. Woo-hoo. After cursing for joy, I called the shipping department of the Auction House and informed them of the mistake. They in-turn blamed a 3rd party shipper for the mix-up and promised to track down my missing case of wine. Fast forward several weeks (filled with multiple emails and calls to the auction house), and my missing wine is found. It was shipped to another client (presumably expecting Aussie Shiraz) where, I’m told, it was unopened and kept in his own wine cellar. It has since been picked up and is on its way to me.

Obviously I’ve been frustrated with the entire experience. Besides the cost of shipping (this definitely was outside the “2 Day” shipping window), I have no idea exactly what happened to the wine while it was held by the other client. I’ve been told that it was in a “high end private cellar”, which means absolutely nothing to me. The expectation was that the wine would be shipped directly to my storage facility from the auction house storage facility. I have no way of knowing if the wine spent an afternoon on someone’s sunny, hot porch waiting to be put into storage. What’s the recourse available for this sort of snafu?

just tell them you don’t want the wine anymore? prob the best recourse. Most auction houses will take it back

Of course the sensible thing if asking for a refund, would have been to ask this before it was (re) shipped to you. Unless you see evidence of mistreatment, you did know the situation before they re-sent the packages. If you ask for money back now, it will be an additional delivery cost to the auction house that could have been avoided.

I’m not saying don’t ask for a refund, or that it’s too late, but doing it now means a cost that could have been avoided and you might even find the auction house a bit snarky if you ask for a refund now.

What’s the temperature like now? I’d be surprised if anywhere en-route would have temperatures that would be an issue, but I’m no meteorologist! It seems unlikely that the wine could have been mistreated on these journeys, any more than a simple one-way journey.

Best thing to do is tell the folks what you want. Go from there.

Inspect the wine, if sound, I would keep (you did want it right?) and ask for any shipping charges to you waved.


Zee, I mean, Gee.
I wonder who sent the stuff.

With older wines bought at auction, you really don’t know how it was kept throughout its life. So, I wouldn’t worry about the past few weeks.


Agreed. I might be willing to take those bottles, if the buyer has remorse.

Back when I used to buy more at auction (lo those many years ago), auction houses were very good about compensating for errors that did occasionally happen. Bottle counts were sometimes off and credit was given, often toward future purchases. If the bottles look like what they are supposed to be, I would ask for shipping credits plus something to compensate you for the screw-up. Presumably they selected the third-party shipper and so it’s on them.

I won a case of wine at auction in December that the auction house says doesn’t exist. Still trying to resolve.

Appreciate all the feedback.

That’s how I would look at it, too. Especially at this time of year.

What makes me think I can guess exactly who this was? Probably the same auction house that was supposed to send my (final) shipment this week and, as usual, failed with no notice.

And yet you and the OP doggedly keep their name from being disclosed to the board. Lucky for them!

If by “doggedly” you mean that I’m keeping my dissatisfaction with a particular auctioneer (that may or may not be the one that the OP is referring to) opaque to those unwilling to spend 15 seconds with the board’s search and other functions, then I suppose I’m guilty.



Passive dog.

Third time this week I’ve been called a passive dog. I need to get out of Italy.