Auction for Leeeeenda! 1998 Penfolds Grange (closing 4/7)

One of our Board members, Linda Baehr, recently disclosed that she’s been diagnosed with cancer and could use some assistance:

To get the ball rolling, I’ll offer up a bottle of 1998 Penfolds Grange, with the highest bidder’s amount being contributed to her assistance fund.
If the highest bidder can arrange pick up of the bottle in Los Angeles, then that would be ultra-peachy; otherwise usual Commerce Corner rules in place.

It looks like the lowest US retail price on the 1998 Penfolds Grange is $415, so let’s start the bidding at $250. Again, all proceeds will be contributed to
Linda’s fund, so please feel free to be as generous as you can–it’s good karma for everyone! Bidding closes in one week, 4/7/16, at 5pm Pacific Time. Let me know if you have any questions.



You are a good man Bruce!


$350 for this worthy cause, plus an easy LA handoff should I win. Thanks so much for contributing, Bruce.


Weekend bump.


Bidding closes today at 5pm Pacific Time.



$375, thanks once again

Thanks to all for bidding!


Thanks to Jonathan for his successful bid, and for swinging by to pick up the bottle and pay for the wine; donation made! Very easy transaction for a good cause…