AUCTION: EMH Black Cats - 2 Single Barrel Wines - Sparkles Selection & Lady Sapphire

Donor: Merrill and the kitties
Value: $300
MinBidIncr: $10
Auction Closes: 8pm PT
Shipping: FREE

1 Bottle Sparkles Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
1 Bottle Lady Sapphire Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

You might be wondering what these are? You’d be like most everyone else… I hadn’t heard of them until Merrill offered them up as auction items. Seems to be covert, limited access, mailing list only, exclusive barrel select wines. Wow, looking at cellartracker feedback on these wines…
Breaking News! Merrill has updated her website with details here!





Thanks for getting this started!




This post of mine does not say the vintages, although the notes on CT and my own wine notes will tell you.

But the Sparkles Selection is a 2014, and the first single barrel wine I have made. Sparkles, as some of you know, was the original Black Cat that my 6 year old daughter named our fun family wine for! Lady Sapphire is pictured in my avatar. The wine is a 2015 single barrel. She has been with me all day. Her brother, Blackie, has not gotten out of bed yet!

My bad… I had them and then pulled them in a fit of confusion. I updated the original post,

The Lady Sapphire is the the only bottle I have printed in 3 colors: The black matte cat, the silver printing, and then I added blue lettering and a redesigned necklace in blue. The regular and Special Selection bottles sport the black and silver/gold, then the cat with a pearl choker. The Lady sports a lovely sapphire pendant. I love this new bottle - you can see it on the WINE page on




Todd and I appreciate the bids!




A couple of years ago the high bidder on my lot was under the impression that I profited from the auction. I don’t. None of the donors do (sure, we get “publicity”).

Just to be sure everyone is clear on it, this is a donation to benefit the Berserker Board. To keep it running here where we all play, argue, get insulted, experience camaraderie, make friends. champagne.gif