Auction #26 is LIVE, ends on 5-25-2024, I-N hello!

Auction #26 is LIVE. Ends 5-25-2024@8PM Pacific

No. Type Size Qty Vintage Wine Ratings High Bid Bidder Price (Ref)
1 White 750ml 1 2019 Italics Winegrowers Chardonnay Coombsville CT: 90 $- $65
2 Red 750ml 1 2014 JCB Cabernet Sauvignon Nº 10 CT: 94, WA/RP: 94, WE: 89 $35 KO $219
3 Red 750ml 1 2016 Kenzo Estate Rindo CT: 93, WE: 92, JS: 91, JR: 17 $- $145
4 Red 750ml 1 2004 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Ardanza Reserva CT: 91, WA/RP: 96, WS: 91, VM: 94, JR: 17 $60 TCS $189
5 Red 750ml 1 2016 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard CT: 96, WA/RP: 98, WS: 92, JD: 98 $75 TCS $219
6 Red 750ml 1 2013 Nine Suns CT: 95, WA/RP: 96, WS: 92, VM: 93 $60 KO $249

Ratings: CT-Cellartracker, WA/RP-WineAdvocate/Robert Parker, WS-WineSpectator, WE-WineEnthusiast, TWI-The Wine Independent, VM-VinousMedia, JS-James Suckling, JD-Jeb Dunnuck, DC-Decanter, JR-Janice Robinson

Auction #25 ended 5-23-2024 @8pm Pacific

No. Type Size Qty Vintage Wine Ratings High Bid Bidder Price (Ref)
1 Red 750ml 1 2017 Andrew Will Champoux Vineyard CT: 93, WA/RP: 95 $35 TCS $70
2 Red 750ml 1 2011 Black Stallion Estate Winery Bucephalus CT: 92 $30 KL $185
3 White - Sweet/Dessert 375ml 1 2010 Château Doisy-Daëne L’Extravagant CT: 95, WA/RP: 97, WS: 97, JR: 18 $119 RP $290
4 Red 750ml 1 2019 Daou Vineyards Estate Cuvee Lizzy CT: 91, WA/RP: 96, WE: 95 $35 SC $99
5 Red 750ml 1 2006 Elio Grasso Barolo Ginestra Casa Maté CT: 93, WA/RP: 96, WS: 97, JR: 16 $82 AS $200
6 Red 750ml 1 2016 Freemark Abbey Cabernet Bosché CT: 94, WA/RP: 94, WE: 94, JS: 94, JD: 95 $56 AS $145
7 Red 750ml 1 2014 Gramercy Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve CT: 93, WA/RP: 95, WE: 92, VM: 93, JD: 95 $35 TCS $115
8 Red 750ml 1 2016 Hewitt Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon double plus CT: 98 $100 TF $249

A. For this auction, Reference Price is LOWEST WS Pro Non-auction Non-Prearrival price if available, otherwise based on WS Analytics. Opening bid can start at any price. There is NO Reserve Price.
B. To bid, just DM me the item No. and the bid price. Integer numbers only please. No decimals, no fractions. I will then update the High Bid for the item.
C. Obviously this is not running on an auction platform, but manually updated. It will not be possible to update the bids seconds by seconds or even minute by minute. So as not let the price get out of hand, the CEILING price is the Reference Price. The 1st bid at or above the Reference Price will be the winning bid, and the sale price WILL be the Reference Price.
D. Auctions will END at 8PM Pacific time unless otherwise specified.
E. For detailed information on the items listed above, including varietal, region, ratings, please use the link below:

If there’s any particular bottle you’d like me to put on auction from my full list, let me know, and I’ll put it in the next auction list unless the item is not for sale. The full list is as below:
My Cellar4WB 040824 update.xlsm

Buyers responsible for shipping costs. Customary Berserkers’ terms and rules apply - BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ONCE TRANSFERRED TO SHIPPER.

Updated 4-26-2024 @619PM: I reserve the right to refuse the sale to anyone.
Updated 4-28-2024 @653PM: The order of the bids will be based on the order in my inbox if it comes to that.

That’s some great price on the carters. Do you have in mind what you are putting out for auction 12?

Good evening and I was wondering if you could put some Larkmead, Memento Mori, Ramey, Pott, and Maybach on your next few auctions.


Edit - Sent you a more complete list via DM


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Can you post a picture of the SQN Moment, actual bottle?


As it is becoming too warm to ship, will you be holding wines until autumn?

Thank you,

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Even though I didn’t win my lot, this was fun. Looking forward to the next one if there is one!

Edit: Next one is live, oops

I salute your dedication to the dishwashing craft and ask for advice because my dishes are piling up.

Otoh if Victor has you over at the Noodle shop send a pm.

My main reason for posting:
How long is this going?
Are you combining shipping if you are continuing through your long list?

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Auction #24 has ended. Below is a screen capture of the final results. If anyone has any questions, please message me.

Thanks everybody! Congrats to AK, JWe, SF and TCS!
Good luck! Good night!

First $10 prize claimed by MC!
Second $10 prize claimed by RB!
Third $10 prize claimed by KL!

The theme is the alphabets. I know… I’m near my wit’s end. :sweat_smile:

Auction #25 has ended, with the final results posted as below:

Thank you all for participating, and welcome to a couple of new bidders (you know who you are). Congrats to AS, KL, RP, SC, TCS and TF for winning.
Don’t forget to check back here on Saturday evening, 5-25-2024, when the alphabets march on with a couple of cherries in there.
Good night and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!