Aubert Release

I know this thread will get flamed a bit, but seeing as I like chard that runs the full range of Chablis, to the ocassional oak bomb. Can anyone speak to these wines from this release? I’m a little tempted. I omitted Parker’s scores that were included in the email because I think that would add fuel to the fire.

2012 Lauren
2012 CIX
2012 Eastside
2012 Sugar Shack
2012 Larry Hyde and Sons
2012 Ritchie
2012 UV-SL

Jeb, thanks for beating me to this post. I’m in the same camp as you…typically gravitate to the Liquid Farms and Ceritas’ of the world, but am very curious about this wine and can’t ignore the consistently strong CT reviews (that said, Rombauer has high CT scores too, ugh!). I’ll be purchasing at least a few of these.

I don’t always drink Chardonnay, but when I do… it’s Aubert.

Seriously though, if you know what Aubert is about and you like the style, Parker’s review would indicate these are not to be missed. I like them, and am looking forward to the release. I inadvertently missed an offer so had to sit out a year during the transition. This will be my first shot at the new estate vineyards (and the Valdez wines). I’m sorry to see the Rueling go though - I think I only have a single bottle left.

For my money these are some of the absolute best Chards being made in CA. Yes they are rich, ripe and powerful but they always show a great energy and freshness to balance it out. I will be taking my allocation for sure!

They are the most Montrachet-like of all the Montrachet-like Aubert Chardonnays ever produced.

I really enjoy a wide range of wines. I have been on the Aubert list since inception and will continue to purchase these Chardonnays. They are one of a very few California chards that I still purchase and the only one of this “style.” It “seems” that wines of this style have gone a bit out of fashion on this Board, but nonetheless, I ( and family and friends) really still enjoy and will continue to purchase these wines. [snort.gif]

Cheers! [cheers.gif]

Prices went out of my league several years ago.

Darryl likes the Aubert Chards as I recall; that’s all I need to know to buy some of these [cheers.gif]

Sugar Shack? Really?

I like the Lauren and always get a couple from my buddy.

Can anyone speak to how long these wines will age?

I’ve been enjoying quite a few 04’s lately that have held up very well, especially the Lauren. I’m a big fan of Aubert chards and think they make one of the best domestic Chardonnays available right now.

How dare you! Pick a side and fight to the death. deadhorse

Aubert allocations are first come, first served. I think there will be a rush to purchase these wines from what WineBid showed us Sunday.

I haven’t tasted the 2012s but I tasted through the 2011s this past summer and CIX was my favorite. I’ll be picking up as much of these as they let me this allocation.

Recent bottles of 02 and 03 Ritchie were still drinking quite well. I think the 04s/05s/06s are drinking quite well and don’t feel particularly rushed to moving on to anything younger than 08.

Agree with the comments above, no big hurry here either. Auberts are some of my favorite Chardonnays especially with some age on them and at room temperature, but that’s the way I like several of the better Chards.

What is the going tariff these days?

One of the few dropped lists that I miss wine from, particularly the Laurens


I’ll be a buyer.