Aubert opens tasting room

Got this email- not a big fan of the Pinot but do like the Chards. What will be the charge for this one?? But have to say that I would like to visit the winery.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our winery renovation and are ready to receive guests by appointment only beginning September 4th. We invite you to taste library wines in our new Tasting Salon. Due to the rarity and limitation of wine, all appointments will be charged in advance. If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact Philip Gift, Retail and Guest Relations Manager, at 707.942.4333. Appointments are limited and will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We look forward to seeing you!

Warmest regards,

Mark & Teresa Aubert

This has piqued my interest as well. I’d love to compare some back vintage Chardonnays and/or try a vertical of one Chardonnay. I don’t get out that way much, but I will contact them to find out about pricing whenever I am able to. I hope someone checks it out and posts here so I will have some idea.

Checked their website and you have to get on a waiting list to order wines. I wonder if they’ll be letting the general riff-raff like myself in? Anyway, it’s a Tasting Salon which sounds expensive anyway. lol

Been wondering when it would open, has been known about for months and months. As I understand it, the appellation wines will be poured but not the vineyard designate wines. Will have to meander by myself in a week and see the operation.

appellation wines? I never get offered anything other than single vineyard designates from them.

You must not have gotten the latest offer.

It is definitely less appealing if they are only pouring appellation wines. Hardly worth making an appointment.

I’ve been looking for a good reason to break out my Salon Wear.

Their email states that they will pour library wines. I think the appellation wines they recently released have not yet been shipped, so I’m guessing that’s not all that they are pouring?


Very excited that there is a place to taste Aubert - and library wines too boot. Very exciting

Sorry to dredge up such an old thread, but has anybody on the board tasted at the Aubert tasting salon yet? I am scheduling visits for a July trip and want to know if this one is worth doing.
I already know that I love their Chardonnays and I buy quite a bit of it, so I am curious how the tasting experience is and how nice and knowledgeable the staff are. I guess my concern would be that a bad experience could potentially diminish my enjoyment of their wines. Thanks for any input!

Did a tasting with Philip in late March at Aubert. We had a very enjoyable visit and as usual the wines were fantastic. Philip is one of the most knowledgeable hospitality people I have come across in Napa. He spent some time in the cellar so he knows his stuff. The wines and spending time with Philip are definetly the highlight as the facility is nice but nothing memorable. My only complaint would be the hefty tasting fee I paid when I just bought close to a case of Aubert from the spring release. Still would highly recommend. Hopefully this helps.

How much for the tasting?

Be sure to bring a designated driver after tasting their high octane stuff…


I think it was $50-$75/person.

They are a stone’s throw from here. Last I checked, they were $50 per person, regardless of position on their mailing list.


Credited toward purchase? If not, instant fail/easy pass.

Don’t think it can be credited towards purchase but don’t know for sure as we did not buy any wine at the tasting. I had just purchased wine from the spring release a few weeks earlier so I had already blown my budget.

I tasted with Philip last Sept, $50/head. Roughly 2-hr tasting and tour of the new facility. I know, it sucks paying $50/head when you’re a list member but given this was a new feature, we had do this at least once. If I remember we tasted 5 wines: '06 SC chard, '05 CIX chard (never released), '08 Ritchie chard, '09 SC pinot, and sampled an '11 Ritchie chard out of barrel. For those asking whether $50 goes towards the purchase of wines, ummm no! First off, they have none to offer as most sell out and of limited quantity, and two Philip says their trying to build up their Library which is scant at best.

Thank God DRC doesn’t charge for tastings. On second thought, thank God no one in Burgundy charges for tastings as I would be broke tasting four domain’s a day for five days in a row, twice a year…