Attention skiers and boarders: Telluride in February

I’m going to be in Telluride for 3 weeks in February and want to get together with other WineBerserkers for a week long offline. If you get your lift tickets before Oct 30 they are dirt cheap." onclick=";return false;. Also I have access to two condos also for cheap. So sign up and lets have some fun.

Attendees so far:

Steve Saxon
Phil Franks +1
Brian Abramson

What if we just wanted to sit and drink while you go ski? [drinkers.gif]

As long as you save me some wine, that will be fine. [cheers.gif]

I could be in but what specific week are you thinking of

Am I missing something? Early ticket buying on that site for a four day pass is 12 bucks off the window rate.

Greg, scroll down…6 day pass $345, 10 day $459.


I’m booked. Have a room at hotel tulluride feb 18-23


Is there any plans ongoing?

New to the board, but came across this post.

I’ll be in Telluride the 21st through the 26th. Staying at the River Club. Might be able to break away for a sip and plan on hauling a bunch of wine with me.


PS: Any good BYO places in Telluride?

Absolutely no BYO in Telluride.

By the way, I’m in town from the 11-17th. I’m shipping a case along with a few mags.

Lots of fresh new snow. Let’s get it on!

Shipping…I never thought of that. Of course most of my wine is still in Philadelphia

Excuses, excuses…

You still coming on the 18th?

James, I’ll be in Telluride until the 24th so get in touch with me and we’ll hook up. The River Club is a short walk to my place.

i changed my plans get in on the 10th


Where are all the ski bums?

Tons of Flannary, wines, and incredible skiing/boarding.

SLC the end of the month for me.


What are your dates? I leave tomorrow for a weekend trip up there. Any recent restaurant recs? (I haven’t been to Telluride in 15 years.)

Thinking of doing some heli skiing with my group.

(you can always email me at


Sending a PM your way.

I arrive on Thursday the 11th.

There’s a truckload of Flannary beef, pork and fish arriving that day as well. I’m packing a case of wine, Steve has a case, and Diane…well, she’ll have plenty too.

Hit us up gentleman. The snow is looking good.