Atlanta Dining

Going to be in Atlanta the weekend of the 19th-21st. Looking for a good place for Saturday night. Back in March, we went to Ecco and the wife has been there a few times since as its a short walk from her corp. apt. She’s also been to Rathbun’s as well…so I’m looking for another place to try out.

Would prefer a non-steakhouse as we have plenty of options here in Tampa for that. Close to midtown would be nice, not not required.

I’ve heard Restaurant Eugene should be tried…and wondering if any better options exist…or should that be a must try? As long as she keeps working up there, there’ll be other options in the future.


Catch a cab and check out La Pietra Cucina.
This is a guy who makes his own pasta.
Trained at Babbo.
It is the new real up and comer.

For Vegetarian… Dynamic Dish on Edgewood

For Funky Dining… Joe Truex’s Repast

For Fine Dining… Park 75 at the Four Seasons… Drop Michael’s name

For Italian in the area of Rathbuns… Sotto Sotto

4th and Swift I have heard is great but not been there.

Eugene is a must try, especially after the menu change.

Holeman and Finch Public House (“2nd” restaurant of Eugene)

Abbatoir - Brand new restaurant from the owners of Bacchanalia - Havent been

Pietra Cucina is supposed to be great, havent been yet.

Park 75 at the Four Seasons

Varasano’s for Pizza

These should get you going.

Michael’s list is pretty fabulous.

Michael and Don,

Thanks for the response…the blessing of Eugene pretty much cements what I’d like to try this time up. Now if I recall though in looking into this back in March…they don’t allow corkage right? Which is ok as I’d prefer not to check a bag for a weekend trip anyway.

If either or you are available as well…we’d welcome the company!


They allow corkage.
I think it has gone up to $25?
Michael or John Liotta would know.
You won’t hate this place.
Great food.

If you need a good bottle, John Liotta has a place that sells wine.
I am sure he could hook you up. The list isn’t too bad however.

Seems like all the good places have been mentioned so far. Probably going to try the new BLT tomorrow. Would also recommend Floataway Cafe near Emory/Highlands and MF Sushi in Buckhead or on Ponce if you want more chill.

Thanks all…its very possible I’m up periodically as long as the wife is travelling up there every week. I’m going to go with Eugene…especially after taking a look at their sample menu on their website…even if its different…there are some great selections.

I also like Don’s idea…so John I’ll be PM’ing you

Sounds like you have it wrapped up but I like Nava and the Buckhead Diner (both in Buckhead).

Went to Eugene last night and found the food quite good. My wife didn’t enjoy nearly as much as I because alot of use of cream as part of many of the dishes…which she really can’t deal with, but will have it when it is part of soup…but not much else. I quite enjoyed the southern flair that was intertwined with the food…and enjoyed the seared scallop, roasted fennel and roasted duck breast. She ended up having the onion tart and two orders of sweetbreads after being a bit disappointed with the grouper being substituted with Halibut and being out of the she-crab soup. Frankly, I probably should have planned for an earlier time so they wouldn’t have been out of certain items.

I frankly loved the food…service was a bit slow, which would have been ok if our waiter would have been more engaging, but the wife will probably veto another trip.

Also did hit the Buckhead Diner for lunch since we found ourselves in Buckhead around lunch time.