*** ASTREA CAVIAR - High End Caviar Deals for Berserkerday 12 ***

I’ve had the opportunity to sell some of Astrea’s delicious caviar here before and I’m happy to say I have the go-ahead to do so again for Berserkerday 12.

These are all freshly packed in this past week so you’ll be getting the freshest possible caviar.

We will be offering two specific Berserkerday Sales as well as a general discount on all items on the website

All orders are processed through our website at https://astreacaviar.com/collections/frontpage

Sale #1

we will be offering

Last year we clearly did not stock enough big tins and they were first to go. So we STOCKED A TON OF TINS just for Berserkerday

Sale #2

We are offering “Experience package” (Click link to be taken directly to it).[/b] Free overnight shipping included

It is a set of 50g tins of each of our three caviar. Included with the set free are two Mother of Pearl spoons and a stainless steel tin opener for the full experience ($40 value).

**Sale #3

General Berserkerday offer -

  • standard overnight shipping rates apply ($10-50 depending on location, please check website for details). Free overnight shipping for all orders over $185.

    A little about the caviar**

**The sturgeon are raised 6,500ft above sea level. The pure spring water, stable year-round temperature and lack of pollution ensure the best growing condition for our sturgeons. At such high altitude our fish grow slower, and as a result, lay eggs that are larger in size and more complex in flavor.

Our sturgeons range in age from 10 to over 25 years old. > For reference, most caviar is produced from fish that are anywhere from five to eight years old. When they reach maturity, we don’t extract the eggs until the third roe production cycle. The fish absorb the first two roe cycles, which gives them additional nutrition to produce bigger and more flavorful eggs in the third cycle.

Before extraction, we transfer the fish into low-temperature fish ponds with controlled conditions of 8% salt content and a temperature of 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. There they reside for two months to mimic deep sea conditions. Once extracted, the eggs are cleaned and cured with less than 3% salt content before going through an > extended aging period of one to four months> . These practices add complexity and depth to our caviar’s flavor.

Our sturgeons fish are grown in natural spring water. We never treat them with antibiotics, instead, we use proprietary natural healing organic herbs to boost immunity. We do not use borax as a preservative, nor do we use food coloring to enhance the color of our eggs. What you see and taste is all natural, a product of carefully raised, mature sturgeon combined with a specialized aging process we have perfected. Similar to wine making, the process of curing and aging caviar is a closely guarded trade secret, an art form unto itself.**

**We have three sturgeons to offer

#1 - Our Premier Selection - Oscietra Hybird. This unique Oscietra Hybrid offers a deliciously special experience. Acipenser gueldenstaedtii x baerii. The eggs are medium to large sized that are soft gold to dark bronze in color with a nutty, smooth flavor. The sturgeons are at least ten years old and the roe is aged 1 to 2 months.

#2 - Our other Premier Selection and most popular - Kaluga Hybrid. Our Kaluga hybrid caviar is harvested from cross bred Huso Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeons of at least twelve years in age. The eggs are large in size, pearl grey to golden brown in color. It has a rich yet elegant creamy flavor with firm and crisp texture complemented by persistent, complex finish. Aged 1-2 months.

#3 - One of our flagship caviar Grand selection Schrenckii Sturgeon. Amur Sturgeon caviar–is harvested from pure bred Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeons from Heilongjiang, a north eastern province that borders Russia. Sturgeons are 12 to 16 years in age and their eggs are medium to large in size, light brown or grey to golden in color, with a bright golden shimmer.

Please email me at CaviarCharlie@gmail.com with any questions**

All, the Grand Schrenckii is exceptional stuff. Keep going back to the well for these. So good. Get your blinis, cold vodka, and champagne ready.

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Order in!

Kane is correct! And, that BIGBERSERKER code is a massive savings! Order in!

Order in Charlie! Thank you for making this affordable. Pairing suggestions?

Order in for the Schrenckii, superb stuff!

Depends on what you got!

Osetra hybrid I think of it as a flavor enhancer to food. It has a strong salt component almost like the same msg/soy flavoring you get. I like it with food as an additive. One very very popular combo that our restaurant clients do is on top of high grade tuna. So instead of shoyu on sashimi. I had it over chilled diced tomatoes and it was magnificent.

The kaluga is our most mild offering. It has balance and texture that’s appealing to all. For me it’s best served with plain crackers, bread etc. also can be eaten alone. If you want to be particularly decadent I do enjoy it with French butter and baguette.

Schrencki is our most complex caviar. The flavor profile to me is umami laden like old red burgundy. I highly recommend eating it by itself. Pairs great with aged red burgundy as well. Also had it with age statement cognac which was a revelation as a pairing.

I bought Kaluga so we will go bread, butter, Champagne.

Delicious stuff, in.

As you know I thought of you when coming up with the deal. No one likes big tins of Astrea more than Charlie Carnes!

Not an everyday, week or month item around here.
Shipped fresh is a plus, but what is their fridge life if we don’t get right to them?

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I keep them in my deep chill section of my fridge for several weeks with no issues. I think Fu recommended only about 3-4 weeks max. might taste better fresher, but I haven’t done a side by side.

4-6 weeks! Maybe longer depending on how cold your fridge is. With time the pressure seal starts to go so there’s some oxygen that enters. IDEALLY I’d consume within 6 weeks, but I’ve held on for 10 weeks the dark recess of my friend and there weren’t issues.

I’m eating this shite Monday.

Humm, perhaps I could package up in a sealed non-porous Argon purged bag for better life?

It’s more temperature than anything. The tins are optimally stored in a pharmaceutical grade fridge (think covid vaccine) to keep the seal tight. When you move it into a standard residential fridge it slowly starts to lose the pressure seal.

I kept mine in the original cooler bag at the back of the fridge and had the last one from my order several months after (like 5 or 6). I just wasn’t in a champagne and caviar mood for the first 8 months of 2020. Not quite as good as the first tin but excellent nonetheless. Don’t count on it, but don’t sweat the six weeks in my opinion if you can keep it cold constantly.

OK, order in, but one item was b/o / out of stock.
The checkout page suggests the other two items will be delayed.
No problem!
Just confirming…

I’ve kept caviar in the fridge for six weeks, possibly longer, and it’s fine unopened. I use an insulated tote bag and a reusable gel ice block that I change out every other day.

Big Tin order placed!!! Please do not ship on a Friday as it’s going to a business address.

Thanks, Greg Mitrakas