Asimov must have heard about our Loire week

Weekly tasting on the Loire.

But he’s way ahead of us with Beaujolais…

I wouldn’t be TOO surprised if he were at least marginally aware of this site.

He’s more than marginally aware, he’s a member, and has posted.

I had a conversation with him, in fact, about the forum when he joined. Hopefully he can come back and post a bit more!

(He SHOULD have referred to our fantastic Loire thread in the article, but we’ll forgive him, until he does it again!)

He didn’t mention us in his blog on Chinon either so I posted the following comment:

The crew at the Wine Berserkers did a week long Loire exploration week with 263 posts and 7 pages. Lots of good discussion and tasting notes. My 2007 Baudry Chinon Les Grézeaux note is buried in there somewhere.

Berserker Wine Exploration Week 2/21-28/2010: LOIRE WINES - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers> " onclick=";return false;

Starting on the 21st we do an exploration week on Beaujolais and I’m excited!

Berserker Wine Exploration Week 3/21-28/2010: BEAUJOLAIS - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers> " onclick=";return false;

It’s awaiting moderation before it posts.

Nice work, Chris!

It’s now posted by the mods. Maybe we’ll get some new visitors and participants in the Bojo fest