Asheville and Staunton

Will be driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Wanted to see in one has any recommendations for wineries near Asheville (besides Biltmore)and Staunton VA.

Are you trying to stay on the Valley side of the BRP for your winery visits? There are a bunch right around the town of Afton where it converts into the Skyline Drive. Staunton is about 20 minutes to the West on I-64, and there are several around there, but definitely a separate expedition if you’ve been driving all day.

Not particularly, Just looking for worthwhile wineries to visit. Have looked at the Virginia and know there are many wineries. Kow about Afton, just looking for ones that might be closer to Staunton.

Ox-Eye is just South; nice spread of varieties, unique limestone vein runs through their property, gives everything estate grown a bit of extra nerve. Rockbridge is down that direction as well, may seem a bit touristy and shabby but Shep is a legend and there are some hidden gems. If you want to hit Waynesboro, Lightwell Survey’s tasting room is definitely worthy but I think still requires a reservation and may only be certain days a week. Would definitely not put it on the list without making contact first.

Thanks Matthew

Highly recommend Ankida Ridge, just make sure they’re open

Lightwell Survey’s Hellawine event is on October 23. That’s the next scheduled tasting (which I’ll be working). Come one, come all!

Can’t recommend any wineries ( don’t have a high regard for Virginia wines) but I do highly recommend the American Shakespeare Theater in Staunton.

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For dinner in Staunton visit The Shack – outstanding chef and excellent food in a very casual (and small) setting.