Artevino: Door reversability

Hoping someone has figured out how to reverse the door swing on an Artevino III. Just got my Artevino III from Costco. I’m noticing the manual doesn’t quite match the product image advertised (and received).

The manual states that the door can be reversed. While I can see the holes available for the hinge on the opposite side, the door’s handle isn’t vertically centered and, if reversed, would be low at knee level; there are no holes with which to raise it up.

FWIW, I’m also noticing that the manual linked on Costco’s product page doesn’t match the product photos. I’m wondering if an earlier version of the chiller did allow for reversibility, and the posted manual is one of these earlier models.

Product page:

User manual:

Really needing to make this reverse happen, so any other thoughts welcome.

Did you try calling Wine Enthusiast at 800-377-3330?

Did you get a resolution to this?

I just took delivery of the 400-bottle version, which consists of two 200-bottle fridges with the door going opposite ways. But, they delivered two fridges going the same way. The delivery person said the door can be reversed and the door handle can be moved and reattached correctly, but I don’t know how that works.

Someone is supposed to come out and fix it, but I don’t want them to come out and realize that it actually doesn’t work.

In case anyone is wondering, they resolved it by replacing the whole fridge. So, I don’t believe you can reverse the door without having the handle end up by the floor.

I am having the same issue with my new ArteVino III. I also want my door to swing the other direction but cannot manual swap it, I’ll need a new unit altogether with the opposite door configuration. Curious, who you spoke to to get a replacement Artevino III? I’ve tried Costco and Wine enthusiast without success.

Any information will help!

Thank you,

Craig R

In my case they delivered the wrong fridge (two of the same instead of one of each) and I resolved it by talking to the shipping company. They scheduled a new appt and swapped it out.