Artevino by Eurocave?

I see a Craig’s List “Artevino” for sale for $999.

Originally $2000 from Costco in 2014. Holds 200 bottles but just has 4 shelves, so the bottles lay on top of each other. At least I won’t have to worry about shelves scraping labels. [berserker.gif]

Does anyone have an experience with it? Is it quiet? Reliable? Is $999 a fair price?


Hi Roy–not Artevino but my Eurocaves are ridiculously quiet and draw very little energy.
I use mostly bulk storage (just a few sliders) and am very happy.
My friend, Steve, has kept two Eurocaves in a non-temp-controlled garage for over a decade (never a hiccup).
Several people on the CT board have bought Artevino and say that they are very happy.
Price sounds good to me.

I purchased two of them from Costco in 2015. So far so good. Checking them on a kill-a-watt meter I was surprised at how little electricity they draw. Noise is not an issue but they are in the garage so I’m not sensitive to it. I moved some shelves around and can get 15.5 cases in each without much risk of scraping labels. Some labels were scraped before moving them around though. The bottom-most shelf has the compressor in back & intruding so holds half as much as the other shelves. Each unit has seven shelves in it though not four. Check out a pic here:

I’ve had one for a year and a half so far, no issues to date. Looks nice, easy to work with, no label scrapes. It’s inside, so I can hear it operate, but it is far from intrusive. You can hear it turn on, but only when everything else is quiet, so it’s not noisy at all. If/when it comes to it, I’d likely get another Artevino, since we’ve been keeping this one quite full.

Roy, I’ve had a eurocave for over 10yrs including 4 in my garage in TX. Works great (did have an electrical board issue but now resolved)

Keep in mind anything other than bdx bottles do not stack well.


We bought ours about a year ago from Costco. Came with 9 shelves and a bottom shelf/rack. With that may shelves, it feels like capacity is impacted at times. But with 4, I would imagine it a pain to go digging below levels of stacked bottles to find what I wanted.

As far as noise, we keep it in a room that our bedroom opens up to, and sleep with the door open with no noticeable noise problems.

I’ve had an Artevino 200-bottle unit for a few months and it’s been excellent — looks great, runs quietly and reliably, and is pretty flexible. The shelving is adjustable to suit your needs (sliding shelves with lower capacity vs. stationary shelves with higher capacity), and I think you can order more shelves if the one you’re looking at only comes with four.

$999 is a good price, provided it’s in good condition and transporting it isn’t too much of a hassle for you.

New from Costco it now comes with 7 shelves and is known as Artevino II. $2199, free delivery.
Two year warranty, which is now gone with the used one I might purchase. Seller is 2 hours away. Might just bite the bullet and get it new. Thanks for the responses!

Those of you who own the Artevino II can you do me a favor and advise if the feet on the front extend to the face of the unit or if they are somewhat behind the face? If they are behind the face can you also advise how far behind? Trying to determine if they will fit into a space I have that is really only 27" deep.

The front feet are behind the door by an inch or two. They screw out for leveling. Just got the double unit, well built.

Anybody know if Eurocave rolling shelves will work in the Artevino II? Can anybody with an Artevino II do me a favor and measure the interior width of the shelf area? Thanks!

Just ordered my first wine cooler the Artevino 2 from costco…yeah…Be aware you dont order it in the store…It is online only.

Any tips on delivery? I am going to my basement so hopefully they have 2 strong guys to get down my condo basement steps…

I read you dont turn it on for 48 hours or so? True? Never tip it horizontally…hopefully the delivery guys know this…

Do the guys level it? Should i have my leveler handy?

Put a cup of water in it?

Temp at 55 degrees?

I ordered the double unit last April. They had three guys and were able to manuver then down our basement stairs. They did level it, once in place.

Buying from Costco also helped on price matching. The pair were originally $3999 and around June they had a special deal for $2999, got a refund of the difference.

IIRC, Costco used a third party delivery service when they delivered my unit, and they were awful. They wouldn’t take the unit off of the pallet, and I ended up hiring a moving company to finish the job.

Wow they were being lazy. I would call to complain to Costco. The product page for the Artevino and the Artevino II says “White Glove Delivery”. The delivery company that delivered mine in 2016 moved it to the room I wanted and set it up for me and took away all the packaging.

The Artevino 2 is in the house. Delivery guys did a good job…Not easy getting down my condo stairs…they had the strap things around there waists…those straps are amazing…

Only issue was they did put in horizontal at bottom of stairs for a while. I am waiting the 48 hours like manual says for compressor oil to settle. Got 7 wooden racks. Looks REAL NICE…

If the compressor is same as the eurocaves from wine enthusisasts I am happy…Looks fine to me…I paid 2199 plus tax…Hopefully it goes on sale within 90 days so I can get a 200 credit…

I put level on top and it was real close so didnt do any adjustments…they didnt know how to do it anyway…lol

Question: What temperature you guys set it at? I am storing 95% red.

How long do you plan to store stuff? A 30 year old storing 2015 Bordeaux for 30 years needs lower temps than a 70 year old.

I’ve had a walk-in cellar until a recent move. Now have 2 Le Cache units. I was at 55 degrees when the wine and I were younger. Now I’m up to 58. Been wondering if it makes sense to set temp = age once over 55…

Put a thermometer at the bottom and top of the unit and store the really long term stuff where it’s colder. Heat should rise but depending on location of the cooling unit, circulation and duty cycle that could vary. I’ve heard some people say the top was cooler. Bottom of my walk-in was regularly 3 degrees cooler than the top.