Arterberry Maresh 2011 Pinot and Chard Dundee

Strangely enough these two bottles ended up in front of me last night. Interesting indeed since my exchange with another “gentleman” on the BB about Oregon Pinot. I know the wines are not easy to obtain. And can be a little expensive, but it was certainly some of the best of both types that I have tasted from Oregon. And far and away better than anything I have ever tasted from Beaux Freres. Given that I haven’t tasted the BF in several years. I have some bottles of the AM coming to me. And we will see where/how they end up.

2011 Chard Dundee - Chablis like nose with Meursault like qualities of acid and minerals to drive the flavors, really good wine

2011 Pinot Noir Dundee - perhaps a bit heavy on the black pepper on the front, the wine displays beautiful red fruit and cedar elements, good acidity to carry the flavors to the end

I stumbled upon my first Arterberry Maresh at a Dundee restaurant last fall. It was the 2011 Winderlea. The next night I tried the 2011 Dundee Chard. At the time, Avalon still had the entire 2011 lineup available, and I was so impressed by the both wines, that I bought across the board. Have 6 bottles of the 2012 Maresh Vineyard sitting on the floor of my office and I’m interested to see how they do in a riper year. Every 2011 is outstanding.

Gary, which vineyard for the pinot? Maresh?

I love the pinot and a great value. Only bought a half case, wish I went deep. Some friends have commented that it was too light, but not for me. Reminds me of a pinot from the Jura.

It was Winderlea. Have a few bottles of each Winderlea, Webber and Julliard.

Bought half a case of the 2011 Maresh vineyard direct from Jim A. Then added 3 Juliards and 3 more of the former, for a full case total. Based on reviews and comments from others on Arterberry-Maresh and the 2011 vintage in general, my hunch is that these A-M wines are going to be really special down the road. Also bought a case of the 2012 A-M, Maresh vineyard. Come this Fall I’ll increase my normal 6 bottles of Thomas to 12 bottles.

Had a bottle of the 2012 Maresh last night. Shipment just arrived, first time trying a wine from this producer. Pop and pour. Super radiant ruby/purple color. Nose was really expressive from the start. Palate started a bit hallow and one dimensional but filled out over the course of the evening. Really good pinot perhaps a touch over priced.

Gary, had the '11 Maresh PN about 2 months ago in blind lineup of Burgs and domestic PNs and it was the consensus wine of the night edging out an 07 DRC Exch, 06 Lambrays, 05 Dujac VR LBM , Rhys and several other big hitters. Not by much though as the Lambrays was my first choice and I think came in 2nd overall. I bought 3 of Maresh recently and may grab one more since they haven’t shipped yet.

Thanks for the notes, Gary. I haven’t touched any of my '11’s. The '10 AM Maresh Chardonnay is drinking very well right now.

Schildknecht gave the Chard 91 and the Pinot 93

Here’s his notes:
Maresh’s spontaneously barrel-fermented 2011 Chardonnay Dundee Hills represents a blend from lots off old Maresh vines and Weber Vineyard, bottled only at 20 months, and then un-fined and unfiltered. Fresh lime, lemon and apple are wreathed in bittersweet iris-like perfume and laced with piquant rind, pit and pip. Suggestions of brioche as well as butter cream prompted by (passive) lees-enrichment lend richness to a performance that simultaneously remains bright and incisive all the way through a long and refreshing finish. Given the showing of Maresh’s 2009 Maresh Vineyard bottling tasted alongside, I’m confident that this cuvee will perform beautifully through at least 2016, though beyond that I’d need more experience with older bottles to prognosticate. There were just eight barrels (two new, incidentally) of this “entry level” blend, and considering that its price demands my almost regretfully dubbing it a ludicrously good value , anybody Maresh sells it to is going to either already be, or want subsequently to be, his friend!


Picked already on October 21, Maresh’s 2011 Pinot Noir Winderlea Vineyard mingles fresh, juicy red currant and cherry with roasted red meats, displaying a juiciness, brightness, buoyancy and grip that are infectious and invigorating, yet allied to alluring tenderness of texture. A high-toned hint of almond extract typical for the Worden Hill sector, lavender, and fennel pollen carry the nose to captivating complexity, while a saline streak serves for irrepressible salivation in a long, intricately interactive yet arrow-straight finish. This ought to delight through at least 2025 but quite possibly (not to mention hopefully) well beyond.

He went nuts over the 1985 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir Red Hills Vineyard Arterberry Cellars giving it 98pts.

Great to hear some other perspectives with regard to Arterberry Maresh. I need to taste some, and because of this thread I’m encouraged to do so.



And Schildknecht, waxing poetically on the '11 A-M, Maresh vineyard pinot:
“. . . ethereally high-toned combination of red berry distillates, fresh berry scents, and nut extracts . . . an incandescent and ravishingly rejuvenating finish. . . . an almost airy sense of levity and elegance . . .” Sounds like an AFWE wine to me. 95 pts, 2013-2027.