Armand de Brignac

How does it explain a lot about rap?


Out of context any?

Seemed like an odd statement. So I’m questioning it

Probably more accurate to say it explains a lot about stardom and influencering.

If Kim Kardashian marketed it (and she probably does) it would be much the same.

There was no Oxford comma so clearly the poster was drawing notice to the rap music promotions of wine and its effect on wine consumption or at the very least demand. Not explaining or questioning anything about rap.

I respect your referencing the beauty and usefulness of the Oxford comma, but “rap marketing”?

Had it once. It’s made for popping the cork and spraying the contents over the people around you in a party powered by the secret ingredient of Doc Pemberton that wasn’t the cola part, rather than actually drinking and enjoying it. The residual sugar gets sticky and keeps everyone’s hair intact after the event. And the bottle shines real well when you use your iPhone 13 camera with flash on to post it to Instagram.

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Does he own it or get paid to endorse it? He seems to know how to make money in all of his ventures.

I love the story. Jay Z felt like some of Roederer’s comments were racist, so said F You and created a competing brand after “Promoting” Cristal for years. You could also make the argument that it helps make high end wine more inclusive. Now he’s sold it to LVMH for an undisclosed amount. I feel a sort of affection for the brand for those reasons, but I’m not sure I’ll ever drink it. I’d almost certainly rather have some grower bubbles for 1/5th the price (Marguet Shaman is mind blowing enough for me, and fits the budget much better.)

I understand that he is trying to work out a joint marketing arrangement with Ray Walker.

I’ve no intention of buying a bottle of AdB, but I would love to taste it while someone takes a picture of me doing so.

Some years back my wife and I toured Charles Ellner with their marketing manager. Ellner is not a baller champagne house, I know. In conversation over the wines it came up that he had just come from the same position at AdB. No surprise to any of you that he said it was all about the image, and the focus on wine was not the priority.

Ray’s selling pot now?

Obviously more about the marketing than the product. But at least drinkable, if not particularly good. Certainly prefer Roederer NV.

then explain this Benchmark sale note: Armand De Brignac Brut Ace of Spades NV 1.5L ~ 1 @ $699 WSM94, WA93

Gives a 93 WA rating. That’s a pretty high score for plonk.

93 is the new 70.