Are you impressed by sabering Champagne?

Try this:

That guy has a hummer. And small fingers.

Are you not entertained!!!???

Nice. If it was me I’d probably thin it right through the bottle.

There’s a guy in the trade in NYC who ended up in ER demonstrating to a bunch of colleagues, I’m told.

I’m impressed by this, but not much of a sabermetric fan.

Well, watching Gary Pisoni saber a magnum was quite impressive.

Well, no potential for anything to go wrong there. Right, Mr. William Burroughs?

Impressive, yes, but (for me) high danger to die of thirst - I guess I could try that for weeks …

Sorry, after Mrs. Peel ever other version is irrelevant and a pale comparison.

I would have been more impressed if he used the giant gator in the following video to open it. Wonder how many bottle were wasted before he hit the mark?


Now many times did he hit his girl?

Look for the number of stars near the title. :wink:

well I could not do that