Are you discovering new brands at lower price points?

Last week I got a press release from a publicist for Sam’s Wines & Spirits. I saved it because I thought it had an interesting comment:

The most notable change is that wine lovers are discovering different brands of wine at lower price points that are the same quality of some of the more expensive wines that they were buying before.

A representative from Sam’s is available to comment on trends in wine sales as well as demonstrate which value wines are comparable in quality to higher priced options.

Are you finding new brands in lower price categories? Are you excited about those finds? Or are they just ‘holding you over’ until you can afford the well known cult classics again? Is anyone willing to take Sam’s up on their challenge?

More and more producers from around the globe. Spain, Portugal, Chile, and Argentina are offering many choices of good quality for under $20 and even under $10.

I have been…Clos La Chance, Michael & David & Cameron Hughes to name my current go to trio.

Yes…and no. I’ve been cutting back on the $/bottle for the last couple of years, so I’m not necessarily holding out for good financial times to return to get back to old spending habits. That said, I am finding lots of new items from Spain, Italy, South America, and even California at very reasonable prices, i.e. <$20.

Yes, that has been a major part of my job for 20 years…

Sadly, I am discovering that more wine is being shipped to me that i purchased at higher price points. [rolleyes.gif]

I’ve got the lowest price points of all - FREE! I’m bartering a lot lately (both Yoni and Carrie have recently swapped vino with me) to keep from messing up the budget!

No…Im still buying more expensive bottles but less quantity…

just wait til it arrives [gheyfight.gif]

I’ll be watching for relabeled wines, Carrie…I’m watching!