Are there truly great wines available under $50?

As good as $55 gets.


Baudry Croix Boisee
Joguet Clos de la Dioterie
Roilette Griffe du Marquis
Ridge Geyserville
Ridge Lytton
Copain Halcon syrah (2011 not great but prior years smoke it!)
Gonon St Joseph
Chateau Cantemerle
Sociando Mallett

It’s too new to have the sufficient track record and aging history, but I’m open to the idea that Marc Plouzeau Touraine Ante Phylloxera Clos de Maulevrier will belong in this category.

That’s a good call, Chris, and I agree on both points. Plus, it’s one of the few Franc de Pied Chinons remaining! If Joguets vineyard had not succumbed, I would have out his FdP on that list. His 05 was off the charts.

I was prepared to offer up Dehlinger’s Estate (now Altamont) Pinot, until I noticed it had inched up to $60/bottle. The Goldridge Pinot is under $50, I think, and good year in and year out.

Truly great, independent of value? For under $50? Yes, they are available, but for me it is hit and miss, even with reliable producers. For example, the best wine I’ve had this year under $50 was also the best wine I’ve had this year (Carlisle Papa’s Block Syrah 2010, I think around $40). I would say it was a truly great wine. Is it every year? Is every Carlisle under $50 truly great? No. Damn good usually, but not always truly great. That’s a high bar. I don’t know of a wine under $50 for my taste that I can buy year in year out and know it will be truly great.

Ridge Geyserville among others mentioned above.


Winemakers I think are “truly great” consistently under $50:
-Lopez de Heredia Riservas
-Chateau Musar
-JJ Prum
-Dauvissat (if your traveling in Europe)

“I would also throw CVNE Imperial into the mix, though WS probably reset the price point on this one moving forward.” Pat Burton

Oddly enough, the 2001 CVNE Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana Vina Real Gran Reserva, Rioja DOCa, is as good if not better than the 2004 and there is availability out there for less that $50.00.

2007 Vérité Archipel

This wine is made from the same grapes that also made Vérité La Muse 2007, Vérité La Joie 2007, and Vérité Le Désir 2007. Some great wines there…

+2 My threshold for greatness is obviously lower than some here. I have a cellar full of great wines under $50

And mine.

So true, but I just don’t trust their ability to age. [wink.gif]


See loire…thank u


Outside loire… moving into Spain…the '99 faustino gran reserve rocked my face off… $32 and it is better than the 97 point decanter rated '01 version

Yes, this is what I mean. I see some potentially excellent examples and a number of people simply saying there’s plenty of such wines. If there are so many please name them.

If there are so many of these great wines out there, would you all be so kind as to at least offer the names of a few of these?

I’d honestly love to know which wines from Loire you find comparable to the great wines of the world. Would you mind naming a few?

Not MarcF, but he drinks a lot of my stash:


And some others. These wineries make wine that can be every bit as compelling as wines from the so-called great regions. What I find more appealing, however, is that they tend to be more distinctive and reflective of their terroir than other so-called great wines.