Are there fakes among my 2005 Bordeaux?

The Wine Spectator issue got me thinking.

think about the profit margin if you took la vieille cure or reignac (great wines around $20-30) and placed it into first/second growth bottles…the margins would be huge and as the GJE proved (in the case of reignac) they can outclass significantly higher priced wines at an early stage and therefore difficult to detect the difference…



I think this is a no brainer: of course there are counterfeit 05 bordeaux. Ponsot finding an 05 of his in a NYC restaurant underscores this point. Buying through known channels is even more important now and even then… Makes me wonder about all that grey market “pre-arrival” stuff PC sells…

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saw that. i don’t understand why Koch shipped all his wine to the domaine instead of them going to him.

I am sure it was quicker for Koch to get answers that way.

As for fakes, Serge, I can be your bondsman!

The only 2005 futures I did was on Reignac. BTW I’ve got some '05 Petrvs over on CC priced to move. [cheers.gif]