Appetizer help...

Hey All,

I’m stuck in an appetizer rut.

I have a wine tasting next week that I need to do apps for.
30-40 women
not matching the apps to the wines
the apps need to be cold or room temp as there is no oven at the venue

easy, elegant and inexpensive is what I am looking for
and any help would be greatly appreciated!


Caprese skewers
Coconut shrimp
Seared ahi slices
Those mini-quiches you buy at Costco

Care of Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres book, I hollow out red globe grapes with a strawberry huller, pipe in some softened chevre, and roll the cheese in chopped pistachios. They’re simple, they taste great, they look pretty, and people always love them.

Goat cheese stuffed into Peppadews. Absolutely wonderful. flirtysmile flirtysmile

Here is a few I have recently done.

sauted wild mushrooms in filo shells
potato and proscuito balls deep fried in panko
filo filled sauteed spinach with garlic wrapped tight, baked and sliced
flatbread with sweet peppers, eggplant and carmelized onions
bacon wrapped dates
polenta squares with portobello mushroom
deep fried baby eggplant slices alla parmigiana
mini calzones with ricotta and provolone slices or chopped mozzerella, baked or fried
japalenos stuffed with goat cheese, baked til softened

pm if you want details.

Thanks everyone!

Can you find the Peppadews in jars? They used to have them at the salad bar in our grocery store, but no more!

Love all the apps so far, so keep them coming please!


They used to come in jars, but I haven’t seen jars in my local stores in a few years. They’re still available-- you can order them from the website-- but you may not find them locally.

BTW, they also have lots of recipes on their website,

The Peppadews reminded me. Watch this video. We did this for a party with an Italian theme. Really excellent and not all that expensive." onclick=";return false;

the Peppadews you can find at Bristol Farms, or try some gourmet markets in your area. But they are really tasty… and cute! Nice presentation

I have made apps with endive quite often. Easy because they are basically finger foods. All the recipes were from various Food Network shows.

Endive Salad with Candied Pecans and Maytag Blue Cheese

Seared Shrimp in Endive Leaves with Parsley Sauce

Crab Salad in Endive Leaves

Duck with Mango on Belgian Endive

I did a spin on Deviled Eggs for a Food/Wine pairing class I did a couple of weeks ago.
Hard boiled the eggs, peeled and separated them as usual, then hot smoked a piece of salmon filet and made a mousse of that with the egg yolks, mayo, and mustard in the Cuisinart. Piped it into the egg whites and put a little Murray River pink salt flake on top.

Tasted pretty good and went really well with the Mumm Rose’ I served with it.

Thanks everyone…

and keep the apps coming…
I’m a HUGE fan of endive and use it all the time
but always looking for new recipes, especially this time of the year when I find myself in a recipe rut…always the same apps at the tastings…

I always get raves over my smoked salmon cheesecake. The recipe is at Emeril Lagasse’s website (yes, it’s true). The only problem with it is it requires a fork, which is kind of a “no-no” depending on the nature of the party.

I’ve also had great fortune with smoked salmon and corn cakes. Just make 'em little and serve with chipotle crema.

Made this over the weekend:" onclick=";return false;

Big hit and awesome at room temperature. Serve with a smoked paprika mayo.

Also, what about the old reliable of figs or dates wrapped in bacon?

Many thanks again, everyone!

I ended up making the grapes stuffed with chevre and rolled in pistachio nuts, mini red and yellow peppers into which I piped boursin cheese, endive with marscapone cheese and fresh fig preserves. Also had a platter of Baba Ganoush with pita chips.

Everything went and everyone love them! :slight_smile: