Anyone with experience getting a Schengen visa for a green card holder?

We were hoping to take Arnold’s mom on a trip to Paris and it seems to get more and more complicated.

She has a Philippines passport and a US Green Card which means she needs a visa.

Some of the requirements are merely onerous (before applying for the visa you need a hotel reservation for the full time, a plane reservation for a round trip, a minimum amount of money, etc.) but the one that has be trying pull my non-existent hair out is that she needs a Letter of No Objection from her employer or school. She’s 78 years old and had retired before moving to the US.

I’m going to try to get to the French embassy to ask about this but in the meantime I was hoping someone here might know how to handle this.


I usually get my Schengen visas from Spain since that’s where I most frequently go these days. I used to get visas from France many years ago and just never submitted that requirement you mentioned. What I’ve found the most important requirement for Schengen visas is convincing the issuer (for Filipinos, anyway) that one is financially stable and has no reason to try and stay to work there. Never had any problem, and am regularly granted multiple entry visas effective for many years.

I believe her being a US green card holder should be enough reason for them to grant the visa though.

I think US green card likely helps with approval, but doesn’t change the process. Has a passport issued by the Philippines, I assume.


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Yup, process is the same. When I renew my Schengen visas, I always attach a copy of my 10-year multiple entry US visa as I believe that helps to show the issuer that there is no risk of my trying to illegally live/work in Schengen member states. Naturally, I submit all other requested documents that I can (e.g., bank certificates, copies of past Schengen and other visas, etc.).

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Unfortunately it simply adds one more requirement for getting the visa. In addition to everything else a Philippines passport holder normally needs to submit they assume that any green card holder is an employee or student and require a letter from the employer or school.

Obviously not the case here.

Well, good luck anyway. In my case, those visa requirements that do not apply to me in my situation, I simply don’t submit; and I’ve never been denied.


My 80+ y o in-laws from the Philippines, not even GC holders, were given Schengen visa in the Italian Embassy in Manila, when I drove them all over Italy and France several years back. Shouldn’t pose a problem for a US GC-holder, retired 78 y o, with a son who can provide proof of travel support (if needed). They love having tourists in Europe these days.


Forgot to add, I did it too when I was a GC-holder many, many years ago. The difference, of course, is I was younger, with a job. But they won’t look at it the same way for a retired 78 y o who wants to travel.

Thank you, that’s encouraging.

Thanks Ramon, that is also encouraging.

Hi Jay, when I went to Germany for business trip I took my family as well and we had to apply visa for my wife (GC holder).
We didn’t provide the letter of objection or invitation letter from someone in Germany, and we had no problem. Visa was granted.