Anyone try Peruvian avocados?

I was in Chinatown last week and one of the street food vendors was selling Peruvian Avocados 3 for a dollar. The smaller California Hass were a dollar each, so I decided to try the Peruvian for a change. I let them ripen, which took 5 days. Bland. No where near the flavor of the California avocados. Were they worth 33 cents? Maybe as a daily drinker if you can’t afford the California avocados, but other than that, the Cali terroir is far superior and the Q in QPR just doesn’t work well enough in Peru.

For me that’s kinda like asking if I try Chilean wines. I pick mine, Haas, up to avoid shipping charges. :wink: 2/$1 for medium sized… Lg 4/$5

Were the Peruvians like the Florida version? Those aren’t worth lugging home from the store even if they do weigh a pound a piece.
Avocado is one of the few foods I can taste/eat right now so I buy at Sam’s 6 Haas for $4.99.

Why bring something thousands of miles when we grow at least as good examples at home? The cost to the planet outweighs the savings to a given consumer.

Apparently Peru does export a lot of Hass avocados, so the samples Jay tasted could have been Hass fruit grown on inferior terroir, or just an inferior cultivar (see Milton’s post… yes those Florida avocados are disappointing).

Peruvian Hass in the UK…

If they are the kind with edible skin, stock up!

I would hardly consider California to be local to New York. 5871 kms from Lima Peru to New York City and 4133 kms from San Francisco to New York, so it’s a long way either way. I drink wine from California more often than from Bordeaux.Bordeaux is 5798 kms from New York so I reduce my carbon footprint by buying local wine and that entitles me to one much lighter avocado shipment just to test them out.

They suck. They’ve broken into the Cali market and can be had on the cheap from Oct to Mar when avos are out of season here. The come in hard and don’t ripen well. When they do they’re bland. I won’t buy them anymore. My neighbor has a tree but the raccoons get most of them.

I thought you were a gun enthusiast. What else are rifles for? [cheers.gif]

Don’t know about Peruvian avocados, but don’t be afraid to try varieties other than Haas. My neighbor down the street has a tree in his backyard that produces amazingly buttery fruit. Not sure what variety it is.


I was had by the Peruvian avocados many times until I noticed the sticker. They were banned from our home immediately.

They don’t just suck, they REALLY suck.

There are so many different varieties of Avocados. I am hopeful that some of these more interesting types can become commercial fruit and give us more diversity.