Anyone try Melanson Vineyards ( Pritchard Hill)

Only a few mentions on the board for them. Looks like they’ve been selling their fruit and started making their own wines around 2008 vintage. Nice location on Pritchard Hill. A few positive notes on the 2010 which Tanzer gave a 92( not 90 pt wine) [snort.gif]

Nice price point as well. Interested in anything you can share if you’ve had the wine or visited.


Sounds great. Unfortunately they don’t ship to NJ.

I took a flyer on the 2010 Matthew’s Block from Wine Access and really enjoyed it. Definitely something to age, though. If you drink it soon, I recommend as long a decant as you can manage.

Thanks Glen. No problem on aging as i usually go 6-10 years dependent on vintage. I think most 10’s are really built to last. Is the price point for this around $60ish ?

Yeah – I think with the discount, it came out to $54, and you get your money’s worth imo. If the kids are still saying imo.

Glen- lol, i think they are or at least their parents do. Heck of a price point for a Pritchard Hill cab. Will have to seek them out. Wondering if anyone else has tried or been to visit ?

Best deal on Pritchard Hill by far. I had a bottle of the 2011 cab (decanted) last night. I have known the owner for years, and they cannot do tastings, but in addition to occasional offers on Wine Access, it is on the wine list at:

Mustards Grill, Highway 29, Napa Valley, CA
Rutherford Grill, Highway 29, Napa Valley, CA
The Grill on Main, Old Town La Quinta, CA
and for sale at at La Quinta Wine Shop, Old Town La Quinta, CA

Also the vineyard fruit can be found in:

Corra, by Celia Welch
Pulido Walker by Thomas Rivers Brown
Tor by Tor Kenward and
Castello di Amorosa by Brooks Painter, among others…


Thanks Heather and welcome to the board ! Any idea why they can’t take visitors ? Is it a permit issue ?