anyone open 00 Monfortino lately?

I’m thinking of slow-o a few hours beforehand…any thoughts?

Not since 2016, but here is my note from that bottle:

Popped and gently poured. Color was a solid and completely clear deep red, with zero signs of dissipation, even around the edges. Beautifully seductive nose, aromatic richness you could almost feel. Layers of violets and leather and licorice and vibrant sweet young fruit, with a hint of smoke. Classic Barolo, unabashedly nebbiolo. In the mouth, its balance was what struck me first. Then its depth and power. There was nothing rough or awkward about this bottle - quite the opposite, it displayed elegance and refinement. While quite primary, and with firm structure, it was easy to drink and did not give the impression of being closed. In fact, the wine seemed delighted to be released and was eager to please. The first 30 minutes in the glass were the best, though, and it began to shut down after that, becoming harder and less friendly with the additional air. I definitely would not give this wine an extended decant at this point in its evolution.

Sadly, no :slight_smile:

A slow-o starting at about dawn on Thanksgiving Day, 2075.

I don’t post many tasting notes, but when I ask for a data point I always try to.

Opened the btl yesterday at 4.30 and poured off a glass, was actually running out the door so I didn’t try it when I opened it but the aromatics were damn near explosive on opening the btl. Came back an hour later and tasted the wine-is it possible it was better in the first 30 as Sarah’s was? it is possible, but the way it developed over the evening I doubt it was. When I tasted it at 5.30 I immediately decanted it, still had a great classic nose of Nebbiolo with tons of fresh rose petals & spice.

Fast forward to about 9pm, wine was really hitting its stride, but I still think the nose and aromatics offered much more than on the palate. On the palate it was seamless, ultra smooth great energy and tension but I thought it lacked a bit of depth than I’d hoped. High toned, bright acidity, acid high+. Finish did go on and on, but somehow the lack of depth nagged at me. Several thought it was their wine of the night, but I preferred the 95 La Mouline.

I own a few more of the 00 Mofo, but I won’t touch one for at least another 5yrs and hope to hold out even further.


That is a wine I’d drink over a couple days, probably half on day 1, the 1/4 each of the following as my guess is the body would flesh out over a day.

Kris, you could be right but I don’t think I’d ever be willing to risk trying to drink something over several days.

I’ve always found btls that improve over days to be the tiny exception rather than the norm.

If I were opening tomorrow I’d open in the morning with slow o and try a few hours before to see if I should decant.

I understand that. I think if I had one, which I don’t, I’d open around 9am, take an ounce out and confirm sound, then leave bottle open til dinner, drink at least half of it, and depending on showing, pound it or save 1/4 or so for next day.

This should be incredibly sturdy, even in a year like 2000. I will likely never get to test my theory based on cost of entry now.