Anyone know where to buy plastic bags for wine?

Sometimes when I get bottles in styro, the bottles are also inside a plastic bag that seems appropriately sized for wine bottles (whether they’re purpose made for wine, I don’t know). This helps not only with pieces of styrofoam not sticking to the bottle, but it also does a pretty good job protecting the label. Anyone know where I could buy a reasonable quantity (like 100-200) of these?

ETA: Not bubble wrap/protective ones.

I was looking at these when I was considering Weinboxes. They have different sizes, not sure which depth would fit perfect though.

The initial picture doesn’t seem representative.

Edit this was another

Not a fan of the company, but ULine is the best source for the plastic bags.

Edit: My most recent order was with
6" x 14" x 3mil

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The higher quality shrink/cling wrap works even better fyi.