Anyone know when Berserker Day is going to be this year?

I tried the search function but couldn’t find anything, and my PM to Todd is stuck in something called my “outbox.”

Anyway, I seem to remember it’s usually around this time of year, so I’m just wondering if anyone’s heard anything.


I’d imagine it will be in about exactly one year. Hope this was a joke:


I can’t wait!

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I have the same problem so I use the following mnemonic to remember it:

118 days hath September
until if you’re a grand cru member
all the rest need 119
till your buying may begin

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Oh snap! Patrick’s poetry has be usurped by Good Jay Miller!

Every day
is Berserker Day
in its own way

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in Just
a year

Quality shitpost!

You can check into Berserker Day any time you like….

The password is “Please bring me my wine.”

You can check into Berserker Day but you can’t ever check out.

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BerserkerDay is
Black Friday of wine commerce
But Friday its not

Will be next year!
I think I might be feeling a little under the weather (cough cough).