Anyone Know About 1959 Rothschild Cordon Royal??

hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this mystery wine for me. This is being offered up for sale locally and I can find absolutley nothing on it. CT, Google, Winesearcher Pro, etc have all come up blank. Does anyone have any idea what this wine is? Being that I can’t find a single mention of it anywhere, I’m assuming its nothing special…but any feedback would be much appreciated [cheers.gif]


Come on now - with all the collective knowledge here, someone has to know what the hell this is :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Could it be this?

Ruinart Champagne Baron Philippe de Rothschild Reserve

There is / was a 1959.


wrong label and color completely. It was my best guess.

A closeup photo of the label would be helpful! The small print may be revealing…

Thanks fellas! Here’s the only other pic. Not ideal for sure, but maybe helps a little bit?

Thanks again!

At best a generic mass produced BDX bottled in France, at worst a UK bottling of God only knows

Ha! That’s probably completely accurate. The seller is asking over $1,800 which made me curious around whether this was some very unique/rare bottling (Rothschild name prob peaked my interest even more)…but since nobody has heard of it, I highly doubt that’s the case.

Thanks all!